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APPAROUND – the all-in-one solution to improve sales operation

We were founded with a revolutionary idea: to improve the productivity of sales reps and guarantee them more quality time to dedicate to customers. At the very core of our idea are companies and their constant need to improve, intended as an increase in productivity and as a customer-based approach.

This is why we have created a unique solution which combines a sales&marketing digital content distribution system, an offer configurator – Configure Price Quote CPQ – and the possibility of generating contracts to be signed by electronic signature, allowing sellers to manage the entire process with a single work tool.

the story of Apparound

The story of Apparound starts from the story of a brilliant idea, capable of combining the past, present and future of Italian technology.

We have to go back in time, precisely to 2008. The first iPhone had just come out on the market, we were in a moment of extreme economic crisis at an international level, which brought with it the need, on the part of companies, to manage work from home, and to always have data available.

The Apparound idea was born from the need for extreme versatility: a solution initially conceived to allow workers to always have their data available, perfectly synchronized on their work devices. The first mobile first application on the digital selling market.

An innovative idea, for a company that has made constant improvement its mantra.

The future of the environment as an essential priority

In Apparound we know the value of the territory well. This is why we are constantly committed to initiatives that help manage our business in an eco-sustainable way and develop products that can allow our customers to do the same.

A winning combination of development, able to efficiently and strategically manage the resources at our disposal, be they natural, financial, human or relational.

Let’s create a future made of opportunities, together.

We strongly believe in the power of change. And to do this we like to build new professional connections, share our knowledge with local schools and universities, amplify social impact and allow young people to compete in the world of work.

Our initiatives, dedicated to training and mutual sharing, help students develop the skills necessary to become technological innovators in the near future. Because, in Apparound, the exchange of ideas is the basis for improvement.

Join us and help us create a better digital landscape!

For us it is important that those who join Apparound know and experience firsthand the uniqueness of our way of working. This is why we offer specific training experience for recent graduates or experienced professionals.

Explore the career opportunities on the Careers page and find the one that suits you best. There are several open positions, don’t miss out!


Apparound Headquarter

Via Umberto Forti, 1 Montacchiello 56121
Pisa (PI), Italy
Tel.: +39 050 775 849


San Francisco Office

1 Sansome Street
San Francisco, CA, 94104, United States
Tel: +1 855 400-5401

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©Apparound. All rights reserved. APPAROUND SPA e P.I. 13147681004