Apparound Frequently Asked Questions

Do you have a question about the Apparound solution?

On this page you will find answers to frequently asked questions about our product.

What is a CPQ?

CPQ which stands for Configure, Price and Quote, is a software that helps sellers to quote complex and configurable products. Unlike all other support tools (such as CRM systems), the CPQ is used to configure and sell products and services: it is the software that a sales rep uses when he has to formulate a quote for a potential customer. For more information about the CPQ


What is the difference between CPQ and CRM?

CRM stands for Customer Relationship Management and is the system where are stored all the information regarding customers and/or partners. Moreover, it tracks all activities performed by sales reps (e.g. if they met the customer and when; if they sent and offer, if they created a deal and so on). CPQ instead, stands for Configure, Price and Quote and supports sales reps when they have to send out an offer to the customer. Both CPQ and CRM can be integrated and work together.
For more information about the difference between a CRM & CPQ, take a look at our blog post.


What is the electronic signature?

The Electronic Signature is a set of data in electronic form united or connected through logical association to other electronic data and used by the signatory to sign. Examples of Electronic Signature are our email or the set of username and password we use to access our online account. There are different types of electronic signatures such as:

1. Advanced Electronic Signature or FEA
It is an electronic signature that meets the following requirements:

  • it is connected only to the signatory;

  • it is suitable to identify the signatory;

  • it is composed using data for the creation of an electronic signature which the signatory can, with a high level of security, use under their exclusive control;

  • it is connected to the signed data to allow the identification of any subsequent modification of such data.

Examples of FEA: the graphometric signature affixed with a pencil on a tablet or the OTP that we receive on our mobile phone to confirm home banking operations.


2. Qualified Electronic Signature or FEQ
The FEQ, particularly used in public administration, use a device qualified for the electronic signature and is based on a qualified electronic certificate. The IT procedure applied ensures the signatory the exclusive control of the signed data. The devices most used for the creation of the signature are the USB tokens or the Smart Cards that, inserted in the computer, allow to sign documents.
Apparound provides different signature configurations to cover all potential legal and contract needs

How do I get started with Apparound ?

Start configuring Apparound by logging into the Admin Portal. To do this, you can use any browser. The Admin Portal is intuitive and simple to use. Once you login in, you can find a user manual and information on how to proceed. Watch our video!


What if I have a problem with the Apparound app?

An onboarding manager team will assist you during all the time necessary to set-up the platform. After that, for any type of support you will have someone from our sales representative or our customer service to assist you.

On which devices is Apparound available?

Apparound is available on iOS, Android and Windows smartphone or tablet. Discover more!
We support the latest two releases of each of these operating system versions.

Can I use Apparound in video conference and share the App with my Customers?

Yes, absolutely. Apparound’s flexibility allows you to show the app also if remotely, giving you the same experience as in person meeting. Using any software that allows to share screen you can show to your customers the Apparound app, show marketing content, build the offer together with them, and so on.

What kind of support does Apparound offer to start a new project?

We want our customers to start using Apparound as quickly as possible. For this reason, our Onboarding Manager team is available to assist new customers to setup and to configure the platform according to business needs.

Can I manage the Apparound platform independently?

Absolutely. Once you complete the onboarding process you will be able to manage the Apparound solution on your own. If, instead, you need further assistance, contact us.

What if I have a problem with the Apparound app?

An onboarding manager team will assist you during all the time necessary to set-up the platform. After that, for any type of support you will have someone from our sales representative or our customer service to assist you.

What can I do with Apparound?

Apparound is a full digital solution that simplifies sales operations, increases customer engagement and speeds up, and improves operational processes. Thanks to a software in the cloud, which can be updated and configured even without IT skills, it is possible to digitize the entire sales process and increase salespeople productivity. Apparound is a native application for tablets and smartphones and allows the sales agent to:

  • Digitally display catalogs, brochures, product specifications, presentations and videos.

  • Create a multi-product offer in real time, including optional services, bundles, discounts and promotions, and to send it to the customer per email.

  • Close the negotiation in real time with graphometric signature or remotely with OTP authentication.

  • Monitor the sales process, the status of offers, contracts and customers in real time.

Find out more about Apparound or request the contact of one of our consultants.

Can I use Apparound even if I don’t have a CRM?

Yes, Apparound is a stand-alone solution that you can use even if you don’t have a CRM. Apparound manages the whole sales cycle, and supports sales reps from the presentation of marketing content in digital format, to the configuration of the offer, up to the generation and closing of the contract through the electronic signature. Find out more about What is the difference between CPQ and CRM?

Is Apparound a cloud-based solution?

Yes, Apparound is hosted on the Azure Cloud. Being a cloud solution speeds up the adoption and implementation of Apparound as it doesn’t require an IT project to be used.

Does Apparound work offline?

Yes, Apparound does work offline. Once you enter your Apparound app, you can download a local version of your app. This will allow you to show your content even when if you do not have an internet connection.

Is it possible to build and send quotes with Apparound?

Yes. Once you meet the customer you can build the offer together with him and send the quote per email and collect the signature remotely via OTP, otherwise, if the customer is satisfied with the offer and is ready to buy, you can close the contract together with him. To know about Apparound and how it works, take a look here.

Does Apparound manage the quote approval?

Yes, Apparound does manage the offer approval and guarantees greater control during the negotiation phase. Thanks to approval workflow the seller can request an authorization to the manager for: a discount, a technical verification, the approval of a payment method or the approval of a different price than the list, and so on. Once the request has been sent, the manager will receive a push notification in real time and will be able to view the offer, approve it, reject it or add any comments. All actions performed by users (sending, forwarding, acceptance or refusal) will be recorded and displayed within the request itself and in case of approval, will allow the salesperson to proceed with the generation of the contract.

Is there a limit on the quotes I can build with Apparound?

No, there is no limitation on the number of quotes you can build with Apparound.

What if my customer wants to sign the contract later?

Once you build the contract if the customer is not ready to sign or the person, you’re meeting with is not eligible to sign, you can send the contract per email.

What types of electronic signatures does Apparound support?

Apparound’s aim to help its customers in their everyday life. With this in mind we adopted different options of eSignature in order to meet our customers’ needs. Apparound supports the following eSignatures:

  • Simple sign allows collecting your customer’s signature, without any biometric data collection. This process is ideal for low value transactions.

  • One step advanced sign collects your customer’s signature, enriched with biometric data (speed, inclination, pressure) using a single document. The advanced sign set-up provides a certified signature. The contract and the acknowledgement are within the same document, which means every contract contains a dedicated acknowledgement.

  • Two step advanced sign collects your customer’s signature, enriched with biometric data (speed, inclination, pressure), using two separate documents. The advanced sign set-up provides a certified signature. The contract and the acknowledgement are two separate documents. The contract can be signed only if the acknowledgement has been already signed.

  • Remote signature collect your customer’s signature with remote authentication via OTP. This service is ideal for all those companies which require to have the contracts signed remotely (call centres, teleselling agencies).


If the contract is signed with the electronic signature does it have legal value?

In order for the contract signed with electronic signature to have a legal value it is important to choose the appropriate esignature type:

  • If you use a Simple Electronic Signature, the electronic document to which the signature is affixed on the evidentiary level will be freely assessable in court, given its objective characteristics of quality, safety, integrity and non-modifiability
  • If you use a FEA or an FEQ (and therefore also a digital signature), you have an electronic signature with the same legal effects as a handwritten signature and the electronic document is a private writing, with the consequent applicability of the art. 2702 of the Italian Civil Code.

Apparound offers several signature configurations to cover all potential legal and contract needs.
Find out more about the electronic signature.

Can I send a quotation per email?

Yes. When generating the contract, you can review with the customer a first summary of costs and discounts and make changes if needed, modify prices or apply new discounts. The offers and contracts generated are therefore commercially validated and free of errors, thus reducing any subsequent checks. Both the offer and the contract can be sent with a simple click.


Can I easily send contents, offers and contracts to my customer?

Yes, you can easily send any type of content by e-mail such as presentations, price lists, technical data sheets and any other collateral. Even the offers generated and contracts (including all revised attachments) can be sent to the customer with a simple click.

Can I send collaterals together with the contract per email?

Yes, absolutely. It is possible to complete the contract by adding further data and attachments such as a copy of the identity document, the last invoice, etc.
From the Admin Portal it is possible to customize the structure of the contracts and define which attachments can be optional and which are mandatory.


Can a sales director control the number of offers the team has sent?

Yes. Once a Sales Manger logs in the Apparound app, from the Sales Tracker he can view how his team is performing.   From the manager-mode he can see the aggregated sales data to have a clear view of the pipeline, support salespeople in closing the “hottest” negotiations and easily make sales forecasts.


Is there a limit on the number of products I can add on Apparound?

No, there’s no limitation on the number of products you can configure with Apparound.


Can I use my current document system to archive digital contracts signed through Apparound in accordance with the law?

Yes. Once the contract has been signed it can be taken from the Apparound administration environment either manually or automatically through an integration.


Does Apparound integrate also with other CRM/ERP systems?

Yes. Apparound is compatible with many CRM and ERP systems and easily synchronizes with your back office. To find out more about it, click here.


How much training does the seller need to learn how to use the Apparound solution?

Apparound’s strength lies in its ease of use. Thanks to an intuitive user experience, Apparound guarantees simple and rapid onboarding allowing salespeople to be autonomous immediately and to start selling without having to spend days in the classroom or alongside.


Can I allow the seller to negotiate the contract, for example by granting delegated discounts to close?

Yes. Based on company’s requeriment, it is possible, through the Admin Portal, to configure multiple profiles and enable individual salesperson profiles to different types and thresholds of discount, or it is possible to provide approval workflows in case it is necessary to authorize extra discounts to encourage the closing of the contract. Find out more about approval workflows.


Does Apparound work also with another app?

Yes, thanks to Zapier Apparound connect with over 1000 apps in a few easy steps, to automate repetitive tasks without coding or relying on developers to build the integration. The automation is based on events: when something happens in one app, an action is activated in another one. This way you can synchronize your apps with Apparound and vice versa.
Creating a zap is simple and intuitive, no special IT development or skills are required.


Is there a minimum requirement to get started with Apparound?

The minimum number of users is 10 users. This is because Apparound is a sales collaboration app. What we find is that it is not only sellers who benefit from using Apparound – marketing, product, management and customer support also benefit (at Apparound, our entire company uses the Apparound product).


How often do you release new versions?

Every year we perform four major product releases and several minor ones in Agile methodology to offer our users new features, a better user experience and the highest level of service. We work constantly to make updates and improvements to the technological platform, ensuring perfect compatibility of the app with all the latest versions of the main operating systems and browsers.