E-World Energy & Water 2023: The energy trade fair


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From May 23 to 25, Apparound will take part in E-World in Essen, the most important European trade fair dedicated to the energy industry. An essential meeting occasion for all companies in the sector that care about the development of green economy projects.

Last year’s event reached record numbers, with more than 750 exhibitors from around the world and about 25.000 visitors, making for a unique networking event. Because E-World rhymes with the energy of the future: safe, green and affordable!


E-World 2023: Digitization and energy transition

In an increasingly changing political and economic environment, E-World 2023 will bring to the stage topics such as corporate digitization and energy transition. Only with common policies and collective efforts, in fact, can sustainable societies be recreated, through which energy waste can be reduced and carbon neutrality achieved.

But that’s not all: the event is synonymous with networking. Because it is only through the connection between private companies, public agencies and research institutes that it is possible to discover and develop innovative ideas, useful for journeys of technological revolution and energy supply.


Apparound brings sales force digitization at E-World 2023

Apparound has always supported utility companies in the improvement business performance and achieving a sustainable future. After all, the main route to energy savings and innovation is through the digitization of businesses.

For more than 15 years, we have been supporting business with a digital platform for Sales Force Productivity, created specifically to simplify and manage the sales processes of companies in the industry, thanks to special features capable of managing TECs, error-free contracts and improving the end customer’s buying experience.

Thanks to this particular app, salespeople have all the tools they need to successfully close a business negotiation:

  • Display marketing materials in digital format (brochures, flyers, videos, ecc.)
  • Fill out and generate paperless contracts
  • Sign the order using electronic signature functionality
  • Manage and monitor sales pipelines using special sales reporting and analytics tools, developed with Business Intelligence technology.



In the coming years, the energy sector will significantly change the approach and direction of its sustainability architecture. Technology solutions such as Apparound’s, which were previously considered as dreams, will become indispensable opportunities, for a brighter future.


To learn more about our solution, book a demo: https://www.apparound.com/demo-request/

You can find us at – Hall 3 | Booth 109.


For years, Apparound has been committed to supporting social initiatives. This year, it has decided to renew its support for the Dream Volley project in Pisa.

Apparound will participate at Key – The Energy Transition Expo, scheduled in Rimini from February 28th to March 1st.

Apparound has been recognized in 2023 Gartner® Magic Quadrant™ for Configure, Price and Quote Applications for the sixth consecutive year.

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