The sales force
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The sales force productivity solution for telecom & media companies

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Streamlined sales process for the telecommunications industry
The ongoing digital revolution is driving telecommunications and media companies
to adapt and accelerate their growth with tools that simplify the work of salespeople. 

We find ourselves in an increasingly complex environment, subject to stringent regulations and high competition among operators.
To emerge, it is necessary to evolve, adopting software capable of autonomously updating price lists
and tariff plans and proposing new business models, following the company's commercial directions.
And this is precisely where Apparound's solution comes in, with at its core a commercial configurator,
also known as CPQ (Configure, Price & Quote). A sales simplification tool focused on the customer's needs,
capable of managing complex products, lowering the possibility of error in the compilation of a quote
and offering the salesperson extreme freedom in configuring the offer.

Values of Apparound

Managing complex bids and products

Apparound's CPQ [CPQ page link] allows agents to manage the configuration, evaluation, and quoting of complex products. Agents can create customized quotes, quickly and efficiently. 


Verifiy bid coverage

The Apparound solution allows agents to verify network coverage for telecommunications services, such as fiber or ADSL.


Increase the ARPU - Average Revenue Per User

For low-margin products such as those in the telecommunications sector, it is essential to propose value-added services (VASs) and compatible related products with high profitability, to carry out Up-Selling and Cross-Selling actions without the risk of having to cancel the order due to incompatibility between the choices made.


More Sales in Less Time

Salespeople can finally focus only on sales activities, be more effective and better manage sales negotiations. The result is less wasted time spent on manual and back-office activities.


The Benefits of Apparound for the Telecommunication & Media Industry:


Digital contracts and documentation, eliminating paper costs

Price lists and content in digital format always up to date, at the vendor's fingertips, who no longer runs the risk of consulting outdated brochures. 


Digital and engaging buying experience

Apparound enables salespeople to become effective advisors, offering offers tailored to users' needs. 


Simplifies the sales cycle

With guided sales paths, salespeople can manage negotiations by following flows predefined by the management board.

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