CPQ for Manufacturing

Optimize your selling with CPQ for Industrial Manufacturing. Eliminate the bottleneck and speed up your workflow with real-time pricing and quote generation.

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What are the advantages of a CPQ for the fashion industry?

Discover how to optimize quote management in the fashion industry with CPQ software. Maximum efficiency and precision for your company. Learn more!

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How to make the most of Linkedin for Social Selling

Making social selling means knowing how to create and exploit your personal branding to identify new sales opportunities, evaluate prospects and enhance relationships by sharing valuable content.

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What are the advantages of a CPQ for the telco sector?

Beyond the specific needs of the telco market, the commercial configurator offers many benefits, ranging from the ‘paperless’ nature of the process to overcoming all the sales productivity problems associated with outdated models, methods and tools.

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Everything you need to know about CPQ Software

Adopting a CPQ software, sales reps can be supported in managing and making more efficient the sales process, reducing time to create a quote.

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What are the five elements to consider to improve sales force management and increase turnover

This white paper outlines the five elements to consider in order to improve sales force management and increase revenue.

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Marketing and sales: it’s time to change strategy!

What happens when marketing e sales teams are misaligned? How do marketing strategies affect the relationship between salesperson and customer? Read more!

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