Sales force solution
for Energy Sector

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In recent years, the Energy & Gas market has undergone profound changes.
The competitive pressure has increased, customers are becoming more attentive and informed,
and they expect high service standards, with lower bills and tailored proposals to meet their needs.

The Apparound platform represents the ideal tool for optimizing sales processes,
equipping consultants with an app capable of creating valid and error-free contracts.

Values of Apparound

Technical and Economic Conditions Management (TEC)

The platform allows for the creation and distribution of TECs to the entire sales network and training portals within seconds, drastically reducing back-office work and ensuring up-to-date information for the sales force.

Sales force solution for Energy Sector

Value-Added Services (VAS) Management

Thanks to a decade-long expertise in the sector, Apparound is capable of managing the sale of Value-Added Services (VAS) in addition to electricity and gas commodity offers.


Up-to-date Off-list Offers and Dynamic Pricing

Through specific rules, each salesperson can effectively manage off-list offers, even on the go, using the Mobile App.

The cost parameters are updated in real-time on the app through cross-checks on business lines.

This allows for the issuance of updated and error-free offers.


Sector Management

Apparound platform is fully compatible with the photovoltaic market. With efficient data collection to handle technical requirements, the ability to configure systems with panels, batteries, and additional components, and perfect management of invoice discounts and other dedicated promotions, the Apparound software can perfectly meet every market need.


Enhanced Buying Experience

LNo longer just sales agents but specialized energy consultants, capable of immediately understanding the customer's needs and actively involving them during the offer configuration phase, guiding them step-by-step in choosing the most suitable solution.



The entire sales network can benefit from ongoing training, with a simple onboarding process and a real-time data collection system to perform market analysis and optimize sales performance.


The Benefits of Apparound for the Energy & Gas Sector:


Quick and Accurate Offer Compilation

The seller can generate the contract and
formalize the offer in real-time. Additionally,
thanks to convenient automations, they can
immediately acquire data related to Point
of Delivery (POD) and Metering Point
Reference (PDR).


Simple and Automated Data Collection

During the offer phase, data collection for tax incentive requests can be automated, reducing data entry activities and the number of rejected contracts due to incomplete information.


More Sales in Less Time!

Salespeople can finally focus on sales activities, eliminating wasted time dedicated to back-office tasks.

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