Apparound at CRM Kongress 2023: optimizing sales processes through CRM and CPQ integration


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We are proud to participate with IFS Italy and Cursor Software AG in CRM Kongress, an event scheduled for September 20th and 21st. We will present the future of business technology with a focus on the integration between CPQ Apparound and EVi CRM.


The Integration of EVI CRM and CPQ Apparound: a Winning Solution.

For companies aspiring to accelerate sales and digitize business processes, the integration of EVI CRM and CPQ Apparound is the winning solution. A combination of technologies that offers a number of crucial business benefits.

  1. Content Management Feature: With the integration of CRM EVI and CPQ Apparound, you will have all the content and information at your fingertips.
  2. Efficient configuration process: CPQ Apparound enables fast and accurate product configuration, quoting, and quoting, allowing vendors to save valuable time and generate error-free quotations.
  3. Increased customer engagement: Apparound software provides better customer engagement. Salespeople are able to engage customers more effectively during the sales process and increase win-rate.
  4. Electronic Signature: With electronic signature functionality, closing contracts is made faster.
  5. Sales Analysis and Reporting: With the integration between CRM and CPQ you can collect detailed sales data make informed strategic decisions.


Join us to learn how integration between EVI CRM and CPQ Apparound can transform your business.

Apparound will participate at the ninth edition of Utility Day. During the event we will elaborate in a speech on the importance of Digital Sales Evolution, understood not only as technology but as a customer-oriented strategic vision.

We are pleased to announce Apparound's participation in the It's All Energy & Utility 2023 event, an important occasion where energy and utility companies come together to share experiences, explore the latest industry trends.

At the Exclusive Meeting, co-hosted with EOS Solutions, we will discuss how innovative technology solutions can simplify and optimize business processes, improving operational efficiency and customer experience.

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