The solution
for the sales force for
Fashion & Retail Sector

Apparound: The best solution for sales force productivity in the fashion and retail market.

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Managing the sales force of fashion and apparel companies in a sustainable way has become a primary objective.
The increasing competition is forcing the industry to improve its service, building customer loyalty
and creating personalized shopping experiences. 

Apparound enables companies to keep up with the times, accelerating technological growth by digitizing sales processes
and seamlessly managing the legislation that regulates the industry. 

The digital experience is brought into physical stores, enabling the planning of tribe-tailing
and relationship tailing strategies and giving salespeople all the product information they need. 

Thanks to the software's special features, with Apparound it is possible to monitor sales pipelines,
manage the listing of complex products by configuring them in total simplicity through guided sales paths.

Values of Apparound

Product catalog management in just a few clicks 

Apparound software enables seamless management of product catalogs, with variations based on sizes, colours, limited editions and more. A key feature for those in the fashion industry. 


Orders and returns management

It is now possible to manage and monitor stock status, create orders and quotes - with related returns from users - thanks to out-of-the-box integration with other business systems, such as CRM and ERP.


Perfect processing of pricing and discount rules

Apparound's software features enable seamless synchronization with other business systems and the setting of pricing and discount rules, which are useful in supporting fashion manufacturers in improving margins on their orders, automating the sales department and generating more opportunities.


Better shopping experience

Thanks to perfect user profiling, orders tailored to the user's needs can be created. You can also improve sales performance through multiple up-selling and cross-selling options.


The Benefits of Apparound for the Fashion & Retail Industry:


Integration with enterprise eCommerce

Apparound solution is fully compatible with corporate eCommerce. This ensures omnichannel management of the company's sales department and precise sales tracking. 


Increased competitiveness

Today's customers are used to comparing prices and products before making a purchase. Providing the customer with the best buying experience by extolling the company's values and product peculiarities increases the customer's propensity to close the deal and ensures better brand loyalty. 


Responding to market changes

A popular product today may no longer be in demand tomorrow in one or more geographic areas. With a real-time view of market trends through specific surveys and data collection, it is possible to stay ahead of industry trends.