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Apparound: The best sales force productivity solution for the pharmaceutical industry

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Digital transformation has totally rewritten the paradigms of the pharmaceutical industry,
changing its rules, production processes, and permanently changing the way sales flows are managed. 

To cope with constant change, companies in the sector have had to modify their business models,
looking for technological solutions that can better manage workflows, order preparation,
not to mention current regulations, accounting and inventory control. 

Apparound can obviate all this, through monitoring of sales activities, seamless integration with business systems
for managing warehouse data, and special features for creating quotes and contracts.


Values of Apparound

Digitalization of sales processes

With Apparound, the entire sales flow can be digitized, eliminating paper materials. Salespeople can create offers by modifying them according to their customer's needs.


Integration with ERP systems for warehouse management

With seamless integration with CRM and ERP business systems, it becomes possible to manage warehouse availability and related logistics processes: from inventory and stock monitoring to resource orchestration and related provision of reliable data to support management in making informed decisions.


Management of training and scientific outreach materials.

Content management feature enables agents and scientific informants to better manage training and science dissemination materials, with access to resources in both online and offline mode.


Solution suitable for managing physical stores

Apparound solution is perfectly usable from mobile in the form of a mobile application. This also allows its use from tablets or smartphones at pharmacy counters for better management of orders and product replenishment.


The Benefits of Apparound for the Pharmaceutical Industry:


Better buying experience

Turn salespeople into true consultants capable of actively engaging the customer, configuring the offer with them, and guiding them to choose the product best suited to their needs.


Survey management 

It is possible to manage the degree of satisfaction of a customer or assess the level of training of a consultant. This is a very useful feature especially for physicians and medical representatives. 


Analysis and ability to respond to market changes

Science is making great strides, and pharmaceutical companies have a duty to stay ahead of the curve. With the Business Intelligence feature, it is possible to monitor the sales performance of products to optimize their perceived value.

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