Digital Sales Room

Increase the customer engagement with a unique sales journey.

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The Digital Sales Room feature is nothing more than a secure, centralized place, where salesreps can present their offer to customer, and actively engage them during their decision-making process. A good DSR fosters engagement and gives salespeople the opportunity to differentiate themselves from the competition. 

Digital Sales Room benefits

Unique sales experience

Once the offer is configured, the salesperson can share the PDF of the contract with the customer via email or using an interactive offer, through a dedicated sales room.


Customer support for a better engagement rate


Through this feature, the seller can support the customer and monitor the progress of the process. A wealth of information is visible from the dashboard, including time spent looking at the offer, number of clicks with related offer downloads, and logins made on the portal.  


Complete the purchase directly with the client 

Once logged in, the customer will be able to view the offer interactively, evaluate prices, conditions and terms, and download the document with all its attachments. Finally, the customer will be able to complete the purchase process by confirming the offer and generating the contract which will be signed through remote signature.


Frequently Asked Questions

Yes. Once you meet the customer you can build the offer together with him and send the quote per email and collect the signature remotely via OTP, otherwise, if the customer is satisfied with the offer and is ready to buy, you can close the contract together with him.

Yes, Apparound manages the offer approval and guarantees greater control during the negotiation phase. Thanks to approval workflow the seller can request an authorization to the manager for: a discount, a technical verification, the approval of a payment method or the approval of a different price than the list, and so on. Once the request has been sent, the manager will receive a push notification in real time and will be able to view the offer, approve it, reject it or add any comments. All actions performed by users (sending, forwarding, acceptance or refusal) will be recorded and displayed within the request itself and in case of approval, will allow the salesperson to proceed with the generation of the contract.

Apparound handles different levels of access, based on various business needs. The solution allows you to build permission accesses with different views, based on roles, for example, or areas of operations, and so on. A sales manager, for example, may have access to all of his or her team's operations while, a member of the team may have reduced visibility, relating only to his or her area of responsibility. In addition, additional views can be built within the team-related views to distinguish direct and indirect sales, and so on. In this way, there is full flexibility in the construction of views to best meet business needs.