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Show your content

Show your content to your customers, including brochures, product specifications, presentations, videos and product catalogues. You can update content in minutes.

Build a quote

Use Real Time Quoting to build a quote with multi-products, optional product add ons, bundling, discounting and promotions. Quotes can be sent via email to customers.

Close the deal

You can generate contracts and collect electronic signatures from customers to quickly close deals. Specific attachments, such as terms of business, can be attached to any contract.

Track sales activities

Every sales action is tracked, time stamped and used to create dynamic status views of quotes, contracts and customers. Automatically the app tracks activities and auto expires based on time elapsed from the last action.


Apparound is an app to digitise sales and improve sales productivity. Combines content and quoting together (we are no ordinary CPQ – configure price quote).

  • Provide your team with digital catalogues, presentations and videos.
  • Build quotes collaboratively with customers; automatic pricing, discounts and quotes by email to customers.
  • Generate contracts and capture Electronic Signatures to close deals in minutes.
  • Run sales campaigns, capture customer information and provide guided selling journeys for sellers.

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Apparound improves sales productivity

Discover how Apparound solves common sales productivity problems. We can improve your sales productivity.

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