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Report and Analytics for sales leaders.
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Apparound's Reporting and Sales Analytics feature is designed to optimize and improve sales team performance.

Through the use of real-time data and in-depth analytics, it enables sales managers to track team member performance, identify growth opportunities, and measure the achievement of sales goals.

With an intuitive interface and advanced features, this tool enables informed decision making, increases operational efficiency, and maximizes business revenue for a more effective and focused sales process.

Sales Analytics benefits

Why adopt sales analytics tools

Sales reports provide important information about the current state of the business and help make strategically decisions.

  • Assess overall market trends
  • Evaluate deal data to make better decisions with a view to increasing revenue
  • Understand which are the needs of customers and in which geographic area or industry new opportunities may occur
  • Evaluate internal performance
  • Identify areas of inefficiency in the sales process


Data and reports always updated in real time


With the Sales Analytics feature you can combine CPQ data with CRM or ERP, to optimize business information and emphasize customer data. A new way of doing business!


Facing new challenges with business intelligence

Organizations that rely on data are more successful than others. That's why we adopt PowerBI's reporting solution, which allows us to transfer the data in the CPQ and create targeted reports that are useful for strategic future and predictive analysis.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Apparound is a full digital solution that simplifies sales operations, increases customer engagement and speeds up, and improves operational processes. Thanks to a software in the cloud, which can be updated and configured even without IT skills, it is possible to digitize the entire sales process and increase salespeople productivity. Apparound is a native application for tablets and smartphones and allows the sales agent to:

  • Digitally display catalogs, brochures, product specifications, presentations and videos.
  • Create a multi-product offer in real time, including optional services, bundles, discounts and promotions, and to send it to the customer per email.
  • Close the negotiation in real time with graphometric signature or remotely with OTP authentication.
  • Monitor the sales process, the status of offers, contracts and customers in real time.

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Yes. Once a Sales Manger logs in the Apparound app, from the Sales Tracker he can view how his team is performing.   From the manager-mode he can see the aggregated sales data to have a clear view of the pipeline, support salespeople in closing the “hottest” negotiations and easily make sales forecasts.

Apparound's Business Analytics solution is a powerful, versatile and easy-to-use tool. Integration with Microsoft Power BI facilitates the processing and sharing of information across business departments and offers vendors dashboards and reports that are always accessible and customizable.