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Apparound: The best sales force productivity solution for the food & beverage industry

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Changing consumer behaviors and expectations have driven Food & Beverage companies
to transform their technology structure. An increasingly articulated demand
(with the arrival of ethnic food, vegan, gluten-free food and many other products)
has led companies to have to meet the needs of an ever-changing market,
thus managing a commercial network to serve a heterogeneous and widely distributed clientele. 

Apparound makes it possible, through its sales force productivity software, to streamline the entire sales journey,
using emerging technologies such as Business Intelligence, to create the new business models and value chains. 

The salesperson has detailed and up-to-date product information always at their disposal:
prices, ingredients, nutritional values, and allergens, to manage the relationship with the customer,
better understand their needs, and formulate the offer in real time.


Values of Apparound

Product catalog management

Apparound enables seamless product catalog management, allowing the salesperson to view and share information related to quantity, ingredients and allergens within the individual food item. An essential feature for food & beverage companies. 


Order Taking and Equipment

Collect orders with the confidence that you are selling the right product at the right price to meet your service level commitments.


Price and discount rules management and CRM-ERP integration.

Apparound software allows seamless synchronization with other business systems. This allows you to better monitor your inventory, check for in-stock products, and set pricing and discounting rules.


Simplified sales cycle

Thanks to a 360-degree view of the buyer, tailored orders can be configured according to the customer's needs.


The Benefits of Apparound for the Food & Beverage Industry:


Contracts and documents 100% digital

Apparound is a paperless solution, totally eliminating printing costs. All detailed information, such as labels, ingredients, nutritional values, packaging, etc., are in digital format, always available on every device and can be updated in real time and distributed to the sales force.


Salespeople up and running right away

No need to know by heart price lists, storage methods or designations (DOC, DOP, DOCG) of products. With guided sales paths and rule setting for applicable prices and discounts, all salespeople can follow the same sales record.


Responding to market changes

A food product that is popular today may no longer be in vogue tomorrow due to new trends or habits. With Business Intelligence tools, it is possible to get a 360° view of market trends, with ad-hoc surveys and data collection.

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