CPQ (Configure Price Quote)

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CPQ (configure, price, quote) helps sales representatives to quickly generate accurate quotes for configurable products and services.

CPQ software is typically used to generate quotes for products and services that have a lot of feature options. The software is rules-based and can be customized to address multiple variables that will affect profit margins.

CPQ benefits

Fast and accurate quotes,
even with complex products

The CPQ solution makes the quoting process quick and fast, thanks to seamless collaboration between business departments. Compared with other solutions, Apparound is simpler to deploy and easier to use, thanks to advanced user experience standards. 

In addition, the Sales Tracker provides an overview of all opportunities, with a snapshot of those approved and rejected and targeted control over the opening rate of deals.


Simplify the quoting process


Apparound's Configure Price & Quote allows you to configure customized, error-free quotes.

  • Ability to edit and apply discounts without manual processes.
  • Extremely streamlined approval process, thanks to automated workflows.
  • Automated synchronization with enterprise CRMs and ERPs.

Guided selling that
speeds up processes

With guided selling flows, salespeople can manage the offer setup process in real time. In addition, up-selling and cross-selling dynamics can be adopted to increase revenues. 

With the Sales Advisor capability, customer data can be used as a basis to offer customized proposals.

Platform_CPQ_vendite_ veloci_processi

Better control through automated approval workflows

Apparound's Sales Force software enables streamlined sales processes to maximize sales department efficiency:

  • Managing pricing and discounts across the business organization.
  • Ability to set user roles based on corporate hierarchy.
  • Automated approval workflows.
  • Updates of products and new pricing configurations in real time.
  • Perfect synchronization with the corporate CRM, for a better control of sales data. 

Frequently Asked Questions

CPQ which stands for Configure, Price and Quote, is a software that helps sellers to quote complex and configurable products. Unlike all other support tools (such as CRM systems), the CPQ is used to configure and sell products and services: it is the software that a sales rep uses when he has to formulate a quote for a potential customer. 

CRM stands for Customer Relationship Management and is the system where are stored all the information regarding customers and/or partners. Moreover, it tracks all activities performed by sales reps (e.g. if they met the customer and when; if they sent and offer, if they created a deal and so on). CPQ instead, stands for Configure, Price and Quote and supports sales reps when they have to send out an offer to the customer. Both CPQ and CRM can be integrated and work together.

Yes. Apparound is compatible with many CRM and ERP systems and easily synchronizes with your back office.