Apparound + Salesforce

Improve the performance of your CRM through integration with Apparound CPQ.

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The integration between Salesforce and Apparound allows users to speed up sales negotiations and manage the entire sales flow directly from the CRM.
CPQ enables a faster quoting process for better workflow approval management.

How it works

Step 1

Digital content Management, such as price lists and brochures, useful for initial customer contact.

Step 2

Research of accounts / leads / opportunities on the CPQ, activating the first touch point with the CRM.

Step 3

Creation of a customized offer, with the possibility to send the content via email.

Step 4

Submission of data to CRM, for seamless synchronization between platforms, updated with each status change. 

Step 5

Closing the contract by electronic signature and saving the data to the CRM as well.



Time saving for sales reps

Using a CPQ enables sales reps to speed up many sales steps and reduce the response time to the customer. 


Speed and effectiveness

Generating quotes and contracts in a short time, sales reps can leverage first contact, avoiding losing the customer's attention and interest with late response times.


Optimized CRM licensing costs

The integration between the two tools makes it possible to leverage a single CRM license to which CPQ Apparound-managed salesperson profiles can be linked. This results in significant cost savings. 

Frequently asked question

You can connect the two software through a special native connector, found on the Salesforce Marketplace

The salesperson is guided within the Lead-to-Order process and does not have to worry about anything else, having all the information and resources needed to focus and devote attention and time to the customer and, therefore, more chances to win their trust.

The link between the two platforms enables information sharing and monitoring of every business activity, including management and monitoring of sales and product activities, offer configuration and contract generation.