Unlock the potential of your CRM or ERP and accelerate
the sales process through integration with the Apparound solution.
The CPQ is fully compatible with major enterprise software.

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The integration between in-house CRM / ERP systems and the CPQ
allows sales processes to be streamlined and provides salespeople with increased productivity.

Smoother systems, no transcription errors and better communication flows between different business units.

Microsoft Dynamics

Microsoft Dynamics is a CRM focuses on developing customer relationships, which allows sales teams to organize and manage negotiations throughout the sales process. By integrating with Apparound, complex deals can be set up in less time, improving sales efficiency.

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Take the best from Salesforce's capabilities, to manage both CRM and sales negotiation management. With the integration between the tools, the agent has all the data needed to focus on the sale, for greater customer focus.

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Hubspot is an CRM designed to manage marketing, sales, lead nurturing and customer service activities. Sales teams can easily store customer data, track individual interactions, create offers through the Apparound solution, and manage negotiation information.

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