Content Management:
engage the customer
using content

The Content Management feature is the best solution to achieve maximum engagement
of prospects and customers during negotiations.

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The content sharing feature focused on targeted and strategic sharing of corporate content, aimed at engaging target audiences, creating brand awareness and encouraging the generation of interest. 

Through a combination of media pieces, the content management feature aims to foster added value and generate interactions with the company and its products or services. 

Content Management benefits

Increase the value perception of your products

Content Management makes all kinds of media files available to salespeople: price lists, brochures, product catalogs and videos. Tag and search functions allow you to find the content you want and send it to the customer with one click. The best way to engage a prospect on the factors and pain points that are most relevant to their business.


Collaboration and interactions: make the customer the protagonist

Put the prospect at the center of your sales activities. Content Management allows you to attract customers' interest through multimedia content and interactive presentations, showcasing detailed information about products and their benefits in real time.


Always on: 24/7 availability, even offline

Catalogs and price lists can always be accessed from any device, even in offline mode. This functionality makes it unnecessary to print materials, saving time and costs, giving the possbility to send files via e-mail with maximum attention to sustainability and to the environment.


Sales team always up-to-date and ready to sell

This feature is designed to contain only ready-to-use materials, already approved by man-agement. Every sales rep will have only up-to-date, error-free files at hand.


Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, absolutely. Apparound’s flexibility allows you to show the app also if remotely, giving you the same experience as in person meeting. Using any software that allows to share screen you can show to your customers the Apparound app, show marketing content, build the offer together with them, and so on

Yes, Apparound does work offline. Once you enter your Apparound app, you can download a local version of your app. This will allow you to show your content even when if you do not have an internet connection.

Yes, you can easily send any type of content by e-mail such as presentations, price lists, technical data sheets and any other collateral. Even the offers generated and contracts (including all revised attachments) can be sent to the customer with a simple click.