Apparound: maximize sales performance and provide an appropriate buying experience.

The Challenge

Vianova was looking for a platform capable of digitizing the sales force, eliminating paper-based tools in favor of faster data and information update. But that’s not all: a high-performance tool capable of personalizing sales proposals following brand guidelines and providing customers with an enjoyable shopping experience.

The Solution

Thanks to Apparound’s sales force productivity platform, printing costs were almost eliminated, speed in the offer configuration phase was greatly increased, and, thanks to a virtual configurator installed on the company’s website, an additional channel was included to support the sales funnel.

Last, and not to be underestimated, is the recent integration with Power BI, which enables sales and area managers to align data, learn more about market needs and trends, and take action to boost sales performance.


Download the Customer Story

"For several years now, Apparound has supported us as a strategic partner, providing a highly reliable sales force productivity solution. As Vianova’s Sales & Marketing Manager, I am pleasantly surprised by the service provided. The difference, however, comes from the great ability to customize the product and a human relationship with the company’s IT support and contact persons, who help us meet our needs, quickly and thoroughly.”

Nicola Di Giusto, Sales & Marketing Manager @Vianova