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Digital transformation has led manufacturing companies to accelerate their technological growth
with new solutions and connectivity. An evolutionary process that is transforming businesses,
introducing new technologies useful for interfacing with their customers in new ways.

Sales agility is an essential feature for the success of manufacturing companies,
which are bound by supply chain disruptions, market fluctuations and workforce instability. 

Apparound's sales force productivity solution, with a CPQ configurator at its core,
provides all the tools needed to digitally sell and manage complex products in a fully customizable manner.

Pricing and discounting rule management also helps industrial manufacturers improve margins on their orders
by automating the sales department and generating more opportunities in less time.

Values of Apparound

Spend less time on quotations

Apparound enables sales teams, distributors and customers to set up quotes with ease. With visual guided sales paths, salespeople can generate many more offers and increase their performance by 40%.


A shorter sales cycle to maximize revenues and reduce time and costs

By switching to a digital solution, you can move away from spreadsheets that are so slow and error prone. Every pricing and product configuration rule is automated and maintained using Power CPQ.


User-friendly product configuration

Apparound allows users to configure their product with settings that allow them to view user-selected options from a smartphone, tablet or PC.


The Benefits of Apparound for the Manufacturing Industry:


Out-of-the-box integrations

Apparound is seamlessly integrated with enterprise systems-such as CRM and ERP through APIs or native connectors, for always-synchronized data.


More sales in less time!

Salespeople can finally focus on sales activities, eliminating wasted time spent on back-office activities.


Top-level Customer Experience

First-rate customer management through a multichannel buying experience and product configurations tailored to their needs.

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