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Apparound supports companies to increase revenue and optimizes
customer lifecycle management operations through a sales force
automation solution that transforms the way businesses sell.

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Energy & Utilities

In recent years, the Energy & Gas market has undergone profound changes. The competitive pressure has increased, customers are becoming more attentive and informed, and they expect high service standards, with lower bills and tailored proposals to meet their needs.

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Telecom & Media

Streamlined sales process for the telecommunications industry The ongoing digital revolution is driving telecommunications and media companies to adapt and accelerate their growth with tools that simplify the work of salespeople. 

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Software & Services

Software and services companies are facing with more stringent regulations and many transformations brought about by digital. Much of their business has traditionally been based on interpersonal relationships, but in today's ecosystem, it is those relationships that are changing the fastest.

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Digital transformation has led manufacturing companies to accelerate their technological growth
with new solutions and connectivity. An evolutionary process that is transforming  businesses, introducing new technologies useful for interfacing with their customers in new ways.

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Food & Beverage

Changing consumer behaviors and expectations have driven Food & Beverage companies to transform their technology structure. An increasingly articulated demand has led companies to have to meet the needs of an ever-changing market.

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Fashion & Retail

Managing the sales force of fashion and apparel companies in a sustainable way has become a primary objective. The increasing competition is forcing the industry to improve its service, building customer loyalty and creating personalized shopping experiences. 

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Digital transformation has totally rewritten the paradigms of the pharmaceutical industry, changing its rules, production processes, and permanently changing the way sales flows are managed. 

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