Apparound + Microsoft Dynamics 365

Improve the performance of your CRM through the integration with Apparound CPQ.

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Microsoft Dynamics 365 and Apparound support sales teams in business operations quickly and efficiently.
Through the integration between the two tools, sales reps can generate complex quotes,
accelerate the negotiation phase and automate workflows and approvals management.

How it works

Step 1

Use and control of digital content, such as price lists and brochures, useful for initial customer contact.

Step 2

Research data on accounts / leads / opportunities from CRM.

Step 3

Configuration of a customized offer, with the possibility of sending the content via email.

Step 4

Submit offer-related data to CRM for seamless synchronization between tools.

Step 5

Close the contract with electronic signature and save the data to the CRM.



Time saving for sales reps

Thanks to the integration between the two systems, it is possible to use sales proposals designed within the configurator. This results in significant time savings, error-free offers, with customized documentation with brand colors and logos.


Identify new sales opportunities

The analysis and monitoring tools built into CPQ provide valuable support in identifying new sales opportunities. 


Cross-selling e up-selling

Integration between the two software tools makes it easier to identify new business opportunities on the existing customer base. 

Frequently asked question

Through a native connector published on Microsoft's marketplace, which can be reached at the following link.

The connector allows for synergistic work, implementing CRM functionality with the addition of Apparound's CPQ, creating an extremely efficient digitized system that enables end-to-end flow completion.

The bidirectionality of the integration allows full freedom to operate on the Microsoft Dynamics portal or directly on Apparound. This will allow the user to retrieve all the information needed to make an accurate business quote.