Apparound: sustainability as an indispensable asset

Digitalization in support of the environment

We are committed daily to reducing our environmental impact and helping our clients on a path of green digitization. For some time, our company has been on a sustainability-driven way of doing business, aware of social, environmental and economic responsibility.

It is crucial for us to define a strategy to protect the environment, enabling us to redistribute the value we produce

Our choises to protect the planet

Apparound is housed in a Green Building


The Umberto Forti Business Center represents thecfirst example of a Green Building in Pisa,  built with extreme attention to environmental sustainability and respect for natural resources. 

The building takes advantage of a mix of renewable sources and strategies to reduce consumption, such as photovoltaic panels, heat pumps, air exchange systems with energy recovery, LED lighting, and glazed facades with rows of sunshades that allow natural light to be used. 

It is a design development that is based on respect for the environment and has led the Management Center to obtain the maximum Energy Classification according to the national protocol and the prestigious LEED Gold International Certification as an environmentally sustainable building.



Waste recycling collection and reduction of paper waste


Made mandatory in 2015, separate waste collection is a sustainable approach at Apparound to reduce our impact on the environment. That is why we put up special awareness campaigns, urging colleagues to pay due attention and separate paper, plastic and various packaging by making the best use of the tools and methods for recycling waste. 

In addition, we adopt a paperless approach, encouraging people to print documents only when truly necessary. Much of our offline communication materials have been converted to digital format, to make them even more sustainable.


Recovery and reuse of electronic devices


Our sustainability projects also involve the electronic devices we use. In the company, we are committed to extending the operational life of devices used by our employees. In fact, after initial use, tablets and smartphones are refurbished and put to new use. 

Refurbished devices not only reduce the impact on the environment but also saves employees and businesses money. For us, refurbishing means "taking care" of devices, taking into consideration both the economic impact and the environmental aspect.