Now sales teams
can just sell!

Now Digitalize and improve sales force productivity
with Apparound!
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Create personalized, professional
and error-free quotes in minutes.

Track sales force performance and close 
deals face-to-face or by remote.

Sell more and faster, through a sales force productivity platform designed to enhance 
the customer buying experience, in accordance with the corporate image. 
Monitor the progress of negotiations and don't miss any upsell or cross-sell opportunities.








Sales Interactive




Sales Analytics
& Reporting

Content Management
Make the most of your
customer’s attention

Engage and make the user a player in the sales process,
through the use of multimedia files. Enable the sales
force team to be effective and up-to-date at all times 
and events, even offline.

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Some advantages of Content Management module

Increase the value proposition 
of you products

Leverage your files and research
functions to find the most relevant
content and see it together 
with the customer.

Sales reps always up-to-date

Apparound's interface, combined 
with the availability 
of always-up-to-date documents, 
allows sales to be always ready!

No breaks, no barriers

And the documents are perfectly
accessible from all devices, even in
offline mode, without the Need for
paper catalogs and price lists.

Configure Price & Quote
Generate quotes and deals in minutes

With the CPQ you can create error-free quotes, even with complex
bids. Put the customer at the center through a buying experience focused on buyer’s real needs.

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Some advantages of Configure Price & Quotes

Simple and user-friendly quoting process

User friendly interface enables seamless customer involvement in the creation of commercial quotes, in-person or remotely.

Data always up-to-date

Thanks to the integration with CRM and ERP, you can access perfectly to updated and synchronized information.

Control on sales pipeline

Focus only on the sale and leverage corporate pre-approved pricing and discount policies.

Electronic signatures legally valid,
in-person or remotely

The feature allows to sign deals electronically. This makes possible to be part of
an integrated experience in the platform with flexibility and customization.

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Some advantages of electronic signature

eSign legally valid

Electronic signature legally compliant. The result of a partnership between Apparound and one of the most important player in the field.

Integrated purchase experience

With the integration of this feature, you can finalize a business agreement and facilitate both the customer and the sales team.

Information synchronized with CRM

Align all Apparound integration storage and processes with your CRM.

Sales Analytics & Reporting
Get better visibility into your
sales pipeline

Keep track of all data relating to present and past sales negotiations.
Don't leave out any business opportunities, from an up-selling and cross-selling perspective.

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Some advantages of Sales Analytics & Reporting

Sales information always available

Leverage the information on a specific customer and quickly review historical data to make negotiations more efficient.

Better control on sales pipeline

Keep track of sales force activities, to be able to act in support at the right time.

Up-selling and cross-selling activities

Not only a tracking tool, but also a useful feature to highlight new business opportunities.