Enhance your sales
team's performances

Digitize sales and improve sales force productivity 
with Apparound!

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Create personalized, professional
and error-free quotes in minutes

Track sales force performance and close 
deals face-to-face or remotely

Sell more and faster, through a sales force productivity platform designed to enhance 
the customer buying experience, in accordance with the corporate image. 
Monitor the progress of negotiations and don't miss any upsell or cross-sell opportunities.








Digital Sales




and Sales Analytics

Content Management
Make the most of your
customer’s attention

Engage and make the customer the protagonist in the sales process,
through the use of multimedia contents. Enable the sales
team to be effective and up-to-date at all times and in any occasion, even offline.

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Benefits of Content Management feature

Increase the perceived value 
of your products

Leverage multimedia contents and research
functions to find the most relevant
materials and watch them together 
with the customer.

Sales reps always up-to-date

Apparound's interface, combined 
with the availability 
of always-up-to-date documents, provides sellers with all the tools and information they need to sell.

No breaks in the workflow

All the documents are perfectly
accessible from all devices, online and offline as well, without the need for
paper catalogs and price lists.

Configure, Price & Quote
Generate quotes and offers in minutes

Configure quotes and offers in a matter of minutes
that are always error-free, even for complex products or services.

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Benefits of CPQ feature

Simple and intuitive offer configuration process

The user-friendly interface enables seamless customer involvement in the creation of commercial quotes, in-person or remotely.

Data always up-to-date

Thanks to the integration between CPQ, CRM and ERP, you can access information that is always synchronized and up to date.

Reduce commercial back-office workload

Thanks to preset pricing and discounting rules, the time required to check and approve offers by the commercial back-office is significantly reduced.

Close contracts quickly,
in-person or remotely

The eSignature allows the customer to sign deals electronically in real-time,
allowing the sales rep to close the deal even during the first meeting.

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Benefits of eSignature feature

Legally compliant electronic signature

Our eSignature system provider guarantees a legally valid signature that can be applied to your contracts from any device, by choosing the graphometric or the OTP signature.

Increase customer engagement and satisfaction

Give customers the possibility to sign documents quickly and easily from anywhere, improving their perception of your brand and their buying experience.

Reduce waste of paper

The eSignature eliminates the need to print documents, helping to minimize costs related to paper purchase.

Reporting and Sales Analytics
Get better visibility into your
sales pipeline

Keep track of all data relating to present and past sales negotiations.
Don't leave out any business opportunities for up-selling or cross-selling.

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Benefits of Reporting and Sales Analytics feature

In-depth strategic sales pipeline analysis 

Conduct in-depth analyses in order to make targeted decisions, assess market trends, negotiation trends, and more.

Real-time data and reporting

Track and monitor the progress of deals and negotiations at any time, and identify any area that needs improvements.

Leverage the power of Business Intelligence

The platform is fully integrable with Business Intelligence tools that can extract data from the CPQ in order to create reports and dashboards for strategic analysis and forecasts.