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The electronic signature, also known as Esign, allows people to sign documents online without printing them out. An electronic version of the paper stamp, with legal validity, widely used especially in recent years by both individual professionals and organizations. 

Electonic Signature benefits

Simplify sales processes: start and finish the journey on Apparound

The electronic signature feature provides an integrated sales experience in the platform. It allows you to simplify purchasing processes through signatures with legal and contractual validity. It makes it possible to:

  • Sign quotes, documents and contracts
  • Send and sign electronically contracts, using both desktop and mobile devices
  • Sign anywhere, anytime, thanks to graphometric signature and OTP authentication

A single workflow, always monitored

With Apparound's eSignature functionality, quotes and contracts go through a predesigned workflow tailored to your needs. The eSignature solution allows you to keep track of the progress of digital transactions, receiving an update when the status changes.


Seamless connection with CRM

Apparound's ability to integrate with leading enterprise CRM systems, such as Microsoft Dynamics 365, Salesforce, and HubSpot, allows signed documents to be automatically synchronized to the CRM, saving time on back-office activities. 


Frequently Asked Questions

The Electronic Signature is a set of data in electronic form united or connected through logical association to other electronic data and used by the signatory to sign. Examples of Electronic Signature are our email or the set of username and password we use to access our online account.
There are different types of electronic signatures such as:

  1. Advanced Electronic Signature or FEA
    It is an electronic signature that meets the following requirements:
  • it is connected only to the signatory;
  • it is suitable to identify the signatory;
  • it is composed using data for the creation of an electronic signature which the signatory can, with a high level of security, use under their exclusive control;
  • it is connected to the signed data to allow the identification of any subsequent modification of such data.

Examples of FEA: the graphometric signature affixed with a pencil on a tablet or the OTP that we receive on our mobile phone to confirm home banking operations.

2. Qualified Electronic Signature or FEQ
The FEQ, particularly used in public administration, use a device qualified for the electronic signature and is based on a qualified electronic certificate. The IT procedure applied ensures the signatory the exclusive control of the signed data. The devices most used for the creation of the signature are the USB tokens or the Smart Cards that, inserted in the computer, allow to sign documents.
Apparound provides different signature configurations to cover all potential legal and contract needs

Apparound’s aim to help its customers in their everyday life. With this in mind we adopted different options of eSignature in order to meet our customers’ needs. Apparound supports the following eSignatures:

  •  Simple sign allows collecting your customer’s signature, without any biometric data collection. This process is ideal for low value transactions.
  • One step advanced sign collects your customer’s signature, enriched with biometric data (speed, inclination, pressure) using a single document. The advanced sign set-up provides a certified signature. The contract and the acknowledgement are within the same document, which means every contract contains a dedicated acknowledgement.
  • Two step advanced sign collects your customer’s signature, enriched with biometric data (speed, inclination, pressure), using two separate documents. The advanced sign set-up provides a certified signature. The contract and the acknowledgement are two separate documents. The contract can be signed only if the acknowledgement has been already signed.
  • Remote signature collect your customer’s signature with remote authentication via OTP. This service is ideal for all those companies which require to have the contracts signed remotely (call centres, teleselling agencies).

In order for the contract signed with electronic signature to have a legal value it is important to choose the appropriate esignature type:

  • if you use a Simple Electronic Signature, the electronic document to which the signature is affixed on the evidentiary level will be freely assessable in court, given its objective characteristics of quality, safety, integrity and non-modifiability
  • if you use a FEA or an FEQ (and therefore also a digital signature), you have an electronic signature with the same legal effects as a handwritten signature and the electronic document is a private writing, with the consequent applicability of the art. 2702 of the Italian Civil Code.

Apparound offers several signature configurations to cover all potential legal and contract needs.

For the graphometric signature, it is best to verify that your device is supported. Here are the compatible device models as suggested by Namirial, our eSignature provider: