Apparound was founded to dramatically improve sales productivity by giving reps more time to just sell.

The number one problem with sales today is that there's just not enough time to sell. 
Two thirds of the day is spent on non-revenue-producing activities; looking for things, preparing quotations, correcting errors, doing data entry, reporting to management, getting approvals, attending training and following up on deals.

Apparound provides an engaging all-in-one sales platform that works with your existing processes and sales systems to improve the quality of customer interactions, eliminate quotation errors, and give sales reps everything they need to sell anytime, anyplace, even if they can't be online.

About us

Founded in 2008, Apparound is a global software company that serves the telecommunications, energy and industrial manufacturing/distribution markets. With offices in the US and Italy, Apparound serves customers in multiple countries. Apparound produces over 1,000,000 error-free sales quotations per year. Our solution has been recognized in Gartner®'s Magic Quadrant™ for Configure, Price and Quote Application Suites.  


Our Mission

Our mission is to make the time salespeople spend with customers as rewarding as possible by surrounding them with a bubble of productivity. All of the tools and information they need to do their jobs is at their fingertips whether they are at their desks or on their phones. 


Our Solution

Our cloud platform is designed to work with your existing software and processes to deliver an optimized sales experience, with guided selling tools, error-free configuration and quoting tools, a sales literature and media library, contract generator with eSignature, and integrated tracking and reporting. 



Gianluca Cagiano

Gianluca Cagiano

CEO & Founder

Diego Conforti

Diego Conforti


Francesco Bacchini

Francesco Bacchini


Federico Bonarrigo

Federico Bonarrigo


Giada Albertoni

Giada Albertoni

HR Manager

Apparound Green

We care for the better

Since 2008, Apparound has been committed to introducing initiatives that help manage our business in an eco-sustainable way and develop products that can allow our customers to do the same. 
A winning combination of development, able to efficiently and strategically manage the resources at our disposal, be they natural, financial, human or relational. 
For this reason, we have adopted a plastic-free policy, eliminating all kinds of materials from our offices. In addition, our software is designed to eliminate paper waste and digitally manage every single business process.  
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Our Values


We believe in the power of teamwork, where respect, trust, and support for colleagues are fundamental. We also highly value actively listening to, considering, and promoting new ideas and viewpoint diversity.



We are open-minded and focused on continuous improvement. Attention to innovation is fundamental to us and part of our DNA. In an ever-changing market, we actively seek new ideas, new insights and technological innovations, thus contributing to the constant growth of our organization.


We promote team spirit with the objective of achieving the most ambitious and challenging goals. We are focused on achieving results by promoting solutions that help us overcome every obstacle.



Let’s create a future made of opportunities, together

We strongly believe in the power of change. And to do this we like to build new professional connections, share our knowledge with local schools and universities, amplify social impact and allow young people to compete in the world of work.
Our initiatives, dedicated to training and mutual sharing, help students develop the skills
necessary to become technological innovators in the near future. Because, in Apparound, the exchange of ideas is the basis for improvement.
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