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Software and services companies are facing with more stringent regulations
and many transformations brought about by digital.
Much of their business has traditionally been based on interpersonal relationships,
but in today's ecosystem, it is those relationships that are changing the fastest.

Customers today expect simplicity in operations and security in the transmission of information.
Businesses that fail to adapt quickly to the new rules risk seeing reduced profits.

Apparound helps software and services companies to increase revenues
and optimize customer lifecycle management.
In fact, the software makes possible to digitize commercial bidding materials
and automate the steps of formulating a quote, contract negotiation,
credit-check and any changes and renewals, significantly reducing efforts.

Finalized offers in real time in front of the customer, fully tracked and verifiable workflows,
dynamic reports that increase transparency and customer satisfaction.


Values of Apparound

Compliance with legislation and regulations transparency

Apparound makes it possible to automate the onboarding of clients and partners, simplifying the process of acquiring information, in compliance with national and international regulations.  


Improving the customer experience

Apparound's quote-to-order solution guides the customer through the entire purchase journey. Designed to transform the classic appointment with the sale agent into an in-depth and dedicated consulting session, the app lends itself to interactive and collaborative use between seller and customer, capable of sparking engagement and satisfaction in both.


Increased revenue for increased margins

With seamless supply rationalization, data collection and formal contracts for service management, businesses can increase revenue and margins through targeted promotions and sales campaigns. 


Greater customer knowledge in the service of business growth

With offer-building paths and pre-filled questionnaires, even less experienced agents can learn about customer preferences in real time and leverage them to create new sales opportunities.

Software_maggior conoscenza_cliente

The Benefits of Apparound for the Software & Services Industry:


More time to spend on sales

Salespeople using the Apparound solution experience a significant reduction in document management time. In fact, using the platform allows them to spend much more time on customer relations and less on data entry. 


Use of Business Intelligence technology for monitoring and reporting actions

Capturing real-time sales data, based on Business Intelligence technologies enables the development of accurate revenue forecasts and the design of wide-ranging sales campaigns, thanks to a strategic data-driven-oriented approach. 


Ongoing onboarding and training paths

With features for creating guided training paths, all salespeople are able to create offers from day one, streamlining onboarding processes and improving sales performance.

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