CRM-CPQ integration: why you should synchronize Dynamics 365 & Apparound


CPQ (Configure, Price & Quote)

The main goal of CRM-CPQ integration is to synchronize these two systems so that they function as one single tool.

Integration, however, can be a simple or complex challenge depending on the characteristics of the software.

In this article we will discuss the issues that may arise during the integration processes, the possible solutions and the benefits of the synchronization between Microsoft Dynamics 365 CRM and Apparound CPQ.


CRM-CPQ integration: the importance of the connector

In some cases, integrating new software into an existing infrastructure may require development work on APIs, while in other cases an ad hoc connector may be required.

The benefits of integrating CRM and CPQ are amplified by the native connector between Apparound and Microsoft Dynamics 365, which allows them to work synergically by implementing CRM functionality with the addition of Apparound's CPQ and creating an extremely efficient and digitized system that enables the completion of an end-to-end workflow, from lead generation to contract conclusion with electronic signature collection.

In this article we will look at the CRM-CPQ integration developed between Apparound’s offer configurator and the Microsoft Dynamics 365 Platform ecosystem.


The bidirectionality of the CRM-CPQ Dynamics 365-Apparound integration


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As a first step, it is important to point out the bidirectionality of the integration between the CRM and Apparound's CPQ.

This means that the user will be given full freedom to operate either through the Microsoft Dynamics portal or directly on Apparound, and be able, in both cases, to quickly retrieve all the information (customer master data, products, pricing lists, rules and more) necessary for the creation of an accurate, fast and customized business offer.

The connector involves the use of special REST APIs for reading and writing data to and from Dynamics 365. The association between the data contained in the two systems can be configured through special data conversion systems.


An example of seamless integration between software

It is very easy to create a quote with Apparound starting from an account, opportunity or lead from Dynamics 365.

At the beginning of the sales process on Apparound, the seller searches for an account/lead/opportunity by activating the first point of contact with the CRM, while at the end of the transaction or during intermediate steps Apparound activates other points of contact with the CRM system to create or update a corresponding quote and/or contract.

In addition, PDF documents generated by Apparound, such as the quote itself and the final contract, including the digitally signed PDF attachment, can be uploaded to the CRM.

Such a structured integration enables continuous information tracking and real-time updating of the two tools.


Benefits of CRM-CPQ integration

Customer Relationship Management platforms are fundamental tools for most companies, providing great benefits in terms of organization, while CPQ (Configure, Price, Quote) software has become a key tool in the negotiation phase.

Integrating the two systems can strengthen customer relationships and enable the sales team to be more efficient and work with better tools.

The business benefits of a CRM-CPQ integration for the automation of the sales cycle are simple to understand and immediately recognizable.

Firstly, sellers will be able to send out quotes more quickly because they can use designed sales proposal templates that are already present in the product configurator. Which naturally leads to error-free quotes with images and language specifically designed to give the customer the best possible buying experience.

In addition, with sales analytics and monitoring tools built into the most advanced CPQ software, these tools provide valuable support to the sales team, while sales managers can constantly monitor and evaluate the performance of their team and individual sellers.

Nowadays, being able to offer solutions that can be fully and easily integrated within the enterprise digital architecture and infrastructure is a significant competitive advantage.

Apparound is a flexible tool based on a "user/month" licensing logic, which guarantees its Partners growing revenues thanks to the ease of sale, reliability and seamless integration with the most popular enterprise systems, just like MS Dynamics, Oracle, Sales Force and much more.

To date, having the ability to propose quality CPQ software means being able to respond to market demands and being able to adapt to the increasing change that is involving the internal technological structure of all companies.

In the digital era, efficiency has become a key component for the success of any business. Companies often face challenges in managing processes. This is where the strategic partnership between Apparound and Net Project comes in.

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