Benefits of CPQ integration with company software


Apparound ranks among the top 17 solutions in CPQ, Configure Price Quote, as well as Sales Enablement platforms. A result that has been achieved thanks not only to the combination of extremely effective modules, but also by the CPQ's ability to integrate with other business systems.

We are talking specifically about the ability to synchronize with ERP, CRM and other back-office systems, including SAP, Salesforce, Pipedrive, Oracle, Microsoft Dynamics.


Why integrate CPQ and CRM

Companies that focus on innovation for their development are moving toward a transformation that goes through digitally defined processes, in order to optimize workflows; with this in mind, the CRM is one of the most widely used software. It is a centralized repository in which one can obtain a 360-degree view of contacts and in which the data resulting from each interaction with the customer is stored.

Today, the amount of data that can be managed in a CRM is much greater than in the past. Modern tools enable a comprehensive customer journey tracking through one-to-one paths between the potential customer and the company’s sales network.

Tracking the customer journey provides insight into the customer's interactions with the company and allows to better understand what their different needs are at various stages. In this way, the company's efforts and investments can be focused on what is really a priority.

CRM software is one of the most important sales tools for salespeople: it allows them to spend more time with existing and potential customers. Integrating CPQ and CRM can therefore increase the effectiveness across all business processes. Not only that: when the integration is particularly accurate, CPQ and CRM can function as one single extremely valuable tool.

There are many ways in which a CRM can be connected to CPQ software, ranging from a more complex solution through APIs or Webhooks, which requires the help and intervention of a technician, or through simpler mechanisms, such as a purpose-built connector that is able to connect the two platforms.


Integration between Microsoft Dynamics 365 and CPQ Apparound: the advantage of the connector

In the second scenario hypothesized at the end of the previous paragraph, the benefits of the integration between CRM and CPQ are further amplified. A practical example is the native connector between Apparound and Microsoft Dynamics 365, a solution that allows users to work synergically by implementing CRM functionalities with Apparound's Power CPQ.

In this way, it is possible to create a system that aims to the completion of an end-to-end flow, from lead generation to the formalization of the contract, with the possibility of signing it through electronic signature.

The procedure that leads to the connection of the two tools, then to the creation of a quote through Apparound starting from an account, opportunity or lead present in the CRM, is quite simple.

The integration is based on the principle of bi-directionality between Dynamics 365 and Apparound. This implies a great advantage for the users, who will have full freedom to operate through the portal of their choice.

In such circumstances, the person will be able to freely access all the information contained in the CRM (for example, customer data, products, price lists, etc.) and use it to formulate a personalized, fast, and mistake-free offer.


Integration between CPQ Apparound and Salesforce

Again, optimizing the integration the two platforms comes from a unique solution: the native connector between Apparound and Salesforce. A tool that allows you to take full advantage of the main functions of the two software with the goal of improving the entire sales process.

The connector between the two tools can be officially found within SalesForce's AppExchange, and is recognized as an application aimed at increasing sales reps’ performance and optimizing sales processes.

The connection between Apparound and Salesforce is also bi-directional, relying on data sharing.

This is where the connector comes into play, allowing users to manage all information according to the customer journey, specifically:

  • Account, Opportunity, Lead: features for maximizing sales opportunities on already acquired customers;
  • Products & Price Lists: keeps files always up to date, eliminating risk of errors;
  • Quote & Contract: it allows contracts to be prepared by leveraging the historical data contained in the company database.

The result enables sales reps to generate quotes and contracts at the click of a button.


Cost savings benefits

Beyond the important time factor, managing multiple integrated software and technology tools, in most cases, involves large financial outlays, having to acquire both CRM and CPQ licenses.

Thanks to the integration between SalesForce and Apparound, on the other hand, a Salesforce CRM technical license to which the vendor licenses managed by Apparound will be linked, will be sufficient.



CPQ solutions can never completely replace salesperson-customer interactions. They do, however, allow the different stages of the sales process to be sped up significantly and response time to be reduced.

Apparound is available for mobile devices, tablets, and PCs. It is an app that – thank to the integrated sales enablement tools - provides a real advantage for salespeople, simplifying and digitizing processes thanks to always up-to-date and fully available data.

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Apparound is a configurable CPQ solution designed to integrate seamlessly with HubSpot CRM. It provides sales teams with key capabilities to optimize and automate the quoting and proposal process.

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