Optimized contents: digital transformation for sales processes



The digital transformation process involving companies allows them to optimize many different functions across different departments and, as we will see in this article, this includes sales processes and how products are presented to potential customers. 

In this case, advanced software such as CPQs can support salespeople:

  • in automation processes related to generating a mistake-free offer; 

  • in fully engaging prospects about the features and benefits of the products offered.

How multimedia content can optimize sales processes

In che modo i contenuti multimediali possono ottimizzare i processi di vendita
An evolved CPQ is designed to offer salespeople a tool that can present useful sales materials from a single environment, accessible from laptops, tablets and smartphones. 

Product presentations in any multimedia formats, from brochures to emotional videos, can be placed within the app. 

In addition to traditional product sheets, accompanied by high-definition images and relevant descriptions, technical and sales sheets, brochures, digital flyers, and much more material can be added and searched. 

Today, about 70 percent of shoppers have significantly changed their approach towards purchasing. Users consume many kinds of content: they consult forums, read articles, exchange opinions online and watch videos before they buy. 

Knowing which content works best provides the opportunity to gain precious insight into the needs of potential customers. This allows companies to adopt the best solution based on their needs, reducing time and increasing the likelihood of closing a deal. 

Another very important feature of a CPQ is the correlation that can be set based on product relationships, such as “compatible with,” “similar to,” “contains x”, in order to link a product to other items of potential interest to the customer. 

These arrangements are essential for increasing cross-selling and up-selling activities.


Simplify complex procedures through digital capabilities

Using advanced digital tools, the salesperson can satisfy the prospect’s needs in real time by identifying required features or functionalities through certain key words and phrases. 

Based on all the previous information, which can be synchronized through integration with other company software such as CRM or ERP, a tailored product can be immediately offered to the prospect, and even help him or her understand his or her latent needs. 

The salesperson is thus transformed into a consultant capable of supporting the customer in everything he or she might need.


The critical points of sales processes in relation to multimedia contents

According to the latest market research, today’s sales process management is based on outdated systems and does not support the achievement of optimal results. 


  • 86% of B2B buyers say they do not notice a difference between their suppliers.
    Source: Webbiquity

  • 65% of sales-ready content is not used by salespeople.
    Source: Sirius Decisions

  • 32% of companies say sales process improvement is a top priority for the next 12 months.


Guided sales process: satisfy the customer and reducing internal training expenses

CPQs make it possible to strengthen the link between the Marketing and Sales departments in the company. 

On the one hand, the Marketing department is required to keep contents constantly updated for them to be available to the sales force. 

On the other hand, the Sales department needs also to be updated on the existence of new content that may come in handy during sales, having clear directions about where and when to find these materials. 

A single tool makes it possible to improve these processes, allowing for a centralized management of sales-aimed contents. 

That’s not all: CPQ software allows the creation of guided sales paths for every crucial sales stage. It is possible, for example, to initiate surveys or suggest questions to the salesperson and guide them in gathering information aimed at understanding needs and selling specific products. 

In addition, the customer will be able to view and browse the offer interactively, check proposal details, view or download documents and images of the chosen products, ask questions to the agent, and confirm the offer. 

All this while the salesperson can monitor these activities by proposing cross-selling and up-selling products and services related to the offer through guided sales paths. 

These features are crucial for increasing sales performance and saving time and resources and are all contained within Apparound’s CPQ software. 

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