Apparound for Cribis: optimizing processes and increasing performances



Cribis, a well-established company operating in the financial sector, chose Apparound’s solution with the aim of improving its results in terms of optimizing sales processes and, consequently, increasing performance.


About Cribis

With over 15.000 customers all over Italy, CRIBIS is the leading company in business information services for Italian and international companies, supporting customers in managing credit risks and improving their liquidity and, at the sime time, finding new business opportunities in the international market and managing their supply chain sustainability effectively.

CRIBIS is part of the CRIF group, a global company specialized in credit and business information systems, analytics, outsourcing and processing services, in addition to advanced digital solutions for business development and open banking.


The starting point: the needs of the client

Cribis‘ business activities involve a widespread sales network present throughout the country. Managing such a sales force requires a dynamic organization of processes, where the need to provide salespeople with support tools based on user-friendly logic, available in both online and offline modes, stands out.

Specifically, this challenge involved the adoption of a digital solution capable of:

  • optimize all phases of the sales process

  • increase the performance of the sales network

  • automate the generation of contracts

  • reduce the use of paper and waste of resources, with a view to environmental sustainability.


The software solution proposed by Apparound

After a careful evaluation phase, Cribis’ choice fell on Apparound, an app that can meet precise needs on the part of the company. A CPQ software entirely aimed at prospects and customers, capable of presenting products, generating contracts, acquiring electronic signatures and leveraging sales enablement tools through training and gamification.

All through a solution that is available both in-person and remotely.

Integration with systems in use by Cribis

Apparound’s CPQ software, developed through Microsoft Azure technology, offers a configurator that enables salespeople to create offers in a simple, fast, automated manner, eliminating the risk of errors and providing a highly intuitive interface.

Apparound’s ability to integrate with Dynamics 365 also optimizes the use of other software: the sales network can thus take advantage of Apparound’s functionalities directly from MS Dynamics. At the same time, signed contracts are also transmitted in real time to the CRM, complete with all updated data.

The added-value acquired by Cribis through Apparound

As a result of this careful and painstaking integration, fine-tuned based on the client’s specific needs, Cribis agents now enjoy numerous pluses.

Thanks to “push” notifications, the approval workflow is fast and available anywhere in “mobile ready” mode, ensuring coverage and operation at the most sensitive stages of the sale, even in offline mode.

Apparound’s CPQ also makes it possible to build the best offer for prospects, generating a contract ready to be signed thanks to seamless integration with the FEA electronic signature system.

Through the app, the contract is generated automatically, without additional steps with the corporate back-office. The offer is configured in real time together with the customer, through automated data compilation, thanks to information extracted directly from the CRM, eliminating all possible manual entry-related errors.


Milestones achieved

Remarkable are the results achieved by Cribis, as evidenced by the data:

  1. Contracts submitted without the use of paper: +95%
    Thanks to the tools that the app provides, it has been possible to automate and optimize the work of the sales network. The use of tablets, smartphones and PCs has also enabled a sharp decrease in the use of paper.

  2. Adoption of the app by the Cribis sales force: 100%
    Alongside the roll-out activities, the training of the new sales force has resulted in the entire sales network adopting this tool to improve their performance.

  3. Increase in overall turnover: +6%
    The use of a unique tool, integrated with CRM and ERP, capable of configuring offers, profiling customers, and building personalized content, enabled an important increase in sales performance.



Apparound has enabled Cribis to implement a real revolution marked by digital transformation, for process optimization and increased sales.

Apparound is a configurable CPQ solution designed to integrate seamlessly with HubSpot CRM. It provides sales teams with key capabilities to optimize and automate the quoting and proposal process.

In the digital era, efficiency has become a key component for the success of any business. Companies often face challenges in managing processes. This is where the strategic partnership between Apparound and Net Project comes in.

We are thrilled to introduce the Apparound Release 2024.1, an evolution of the platform bringing enhancements and features designed to optimize user experience and improve operational efficiency.

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