Apparound – Chorally: A new technology partnership has begun



Digitizing sales processes and creating personalized customer experience journeys are two key aspects for the success of any business. That is why the partnership signed between Apparound and Chorally combines the expertise of both companies to offer innovative and customized digital sales solutions.

Apparound’s Sales Force Productivity Platform offers a wide range of features that enable sales teams to increase revenue, reduce costs, and improve the customer experience. Through integration with Chorally’s platform, agents will be able to handle inquiries from multiple digital channels, in real time, automating the sales flow and providing an error-free and highly personalized quote, closing the conversation on the exact same channel where the initial inquiry was received, keeping direct contact open with the customer to direct them to accept the quote and stimulate them with follow-up marketing actions.

“The ongoing digital revolution presents us with increasing challenges, not to mention a highly competitive manufacturing environment. This is why we have launched a new technology partnership with Chorally, so that our solutions can give rise to integrated tools capable of supporting companies in sustainable and scalable business paths,” says Gianluca Cagiano, CEO & Founder of Apparound.

“Apparound and Chorally are two highly competitive companies that make technological innovation a true mantra. The ideal prerequisite to support clients in a Digital Transformation journey,” concludes Valerio Rubbo, Sales Manager of Chorally.

In conclusion, the partnership between Apparound and Chorally represents an important innovation in the world of sales process digitization. The combination of the technologies of these two leading companies will enable companies to manage sales activities more efficiently, increasing productivity and improving the quality of service offered to customers.


About Chorally
Founded in 2014, Chorally supports national and international companies with a customer engagement platform designed for customer management on digital channels and for brand and social monitoring activities. Through the use of APIs, it enables companies to better manage interactions with customers, fans and prospects from multiple digital touch points (e.g., social media, chat, email, conversational apps, review apps).

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Valerio Rubbo – Sales Manager Chorally


About Apparound
Founded in 2008, Apparound provides an innovative and interactive all-in-one app aimed at digitizing sales processes. The solution supports sellers throughout the entire sales journey: from the presentation of marketing materials in the form of digital contents (brochures, videos, presentations, price lists, etc.), to the configuration of the offer and closing the negotiation with the collection of the order through electronic signature. All with extreme simplicity, with just the use of a tablet, smartphone or the web application accessible from any browser. Apparound is a cloud solution on Microsoft Azure, easily integrable with any CRM software, ERP or other back-office company tools. It is an innovative, easy-to-use software that increases customer engagement and negotiation success.

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Francesco Del Bono – Marketing Specialist

Apparound is a configurable CPQ solution designed to integrate seamlessly with HubSpot CRM. It provides sales teams with key capabilities to optimize and automate the quoting and proposal process.

In the digital era, efficiency has become a key component for the success of any business. Companies often face challenges in managing processes. This is where the strategic partnership between Apparound and Net Project comes in.

We are thrilled to introduce the Apparound Release 2024.1, an evolution of the platform bringing enhancements and features designed to optimize user experience and improve operational efficiency.

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