Apparound: digitize the sales process and increase sales effectiveness

Apparound: digitize the sales process and increase sales effectiveness

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Simplifying the sales process and making the work of the sales network more profitable: this is the aim of Apparound. It is a simple application to use via tablet and smartphone, a tool that allows you to digitize the activities carried out in the area, directly by the customer. Through this tool, in fact, the seller will be able to present all the marketing and product material in digital format (brochures, videos, etc.). It is also possible to configure an offer together with the customer, and close the deal already at the first meeting. This means greater effectiveness, quick order processing times and, of course, being able to guarantee the customer a more satisfying shopping experience.

Apparound and Gartner

Apparound was included by Gartner in its 2022 Magic Quadrant for CPQ (Configure, price and quote, i.e. the suites that allow you to automate the creation of quotes, based on customer choices, configuring products and applying prices and discounts) . According to the same research company, these are solutions that boast a growing global market. To get an idea, just think that their sales increased by 36% between 2017 and 2018 (reaching a turnover of 1.1 billion dollars) and it is estimated an increase year on year of 25% up to to 2020.

Simple and effective sales process

In this context, Apparound has conquered its position in the quadrant among niche producers for the ease of use on the move and the intuitiveness of its interface (suitable for those who do not have particular IT skills ). The performance it guarantees, as well as the ability to work offline, also contributed. In fact, this is a situation that often occurs when users are in areas with low network coverage.

But the real strength of the solution is that Apparound is more than just a CPQ. It is in fact a sales tool that encompasses everything the seller needs during negotiations. From digital content management, to the offer configurator (CPQ), the contract generator, remote signature and forms for data collection and information in the field.

The 5 benefits of Apparound for the sales process

The benefits that salespeople can offer their customers using this application and why digitization can increase the effectiveness of the sales process.

  • Completeness of information materials
    With Apparound, the seller has at his disposal all the materials, in all possible multimedia formats, which describe the products and unique selling proposition of your company. It is a precious resource for new salespeople, who can be made independent without undergoing long periods of coaching. However, he can also benefit from this for the rest of the commercial network. In fact, digitizing the sales activity means guaranteeing agents a quick update of their skills. Furthermore, the availability of material in line with company standards is reflected, among other things, on the perception of quality in the eyes of customers who will find a reliable reference in the seller.
  • Sales process aligned with marketing
    The app is constantly updated with all marketing information and, in general, with useful information to respond effectively to customer objections. It is therefore not necessary to waste time on requests via e-mail, authorizations, confirmations, etc. Not only that, the application itself can suggest how to proceed in the sales proposal. For example, it can indicate indispensable complementary products or services, or the sales record to follow during the presentation of the products. Furthermore, it can suggest the questions to ask to verify the situation in which the same products and services are placed.
  • Personalization of the offer
    On the basis of all the previous information, it is possible to offer the potential customer a product tailored to his needs and even help him to understand the unexpressed ones. The seller thus becomes a consultant who helps the buyer to verify what the company needs without inducing him to get lost in superfluous information.
  • Fast sales process
    Customer and seller can close the contract at the first meeting having the possibility to also affix the electronic signature and proceed directly to the acquisition of the order.
  • Loyalty
    The seller is able to monitor the status of offers and contracts. Through the app, in fact, it can automatically keep track of the activities carried out at the customer. In addition, it receives valuable push notifications when the customer opens an offer sent by email. All this allows him to be more efficient, better plan his agenda and customer follow-up.



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