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Gianluca Cagiano – CEO @Apparound

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An innovative solution to fulfil the needs of all industries and company sizes, from the largest ones to SMEs


Telco companies must frequently update their commercial offer to communicate value to their customers, in both consumer and business markets. They must also provide value-added services to retain customers and win their loyalty.

With Apparound, sellers and agencies can say goodbye to printed paper, brochures, price lists and flyers, and always have up-to-date digital material to their fingertips. They can involve the customer directly in the quoting process and provide the best option to fulfil their needs. They can also help the customer find their way through technical data sheets, different smartphones and tablet models, and check the service coverage in real time.

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Selling energy has become increasingly complex because quotes tend to be enriched with complementary products, and sales turnover is high. For this reason, Utilities companies must be able to deliver the highest possible value to the customer and beat over time the competition by closing deals in one meeting.

Apparound Sales Force Automation helps companies in the energy sector to simplify light and gas quoting, speed up the contract processing and point of delivery activation, and to improve the purchase experience for the customer.

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Media & Publishing

The digital disruption has already rewritten many rules in the Media & Publishing industry. To cope with the increasing use of digital products by users, companies have to change and innovate their business models by redesigning offers and providing increasingly personalised services.

With Apparound you can digitise the sales process and provide salespeople with the best tools to motivate them, enhance their expertise and make them more effective. Agencies and sellers, with an innovative approach, can directly involve the customers in configuring the quote that best suits their needs. They will finally say goodbye to brochures, leaflets, order copies and other paper materials. The seller and customer can work together on identifying the right options and building a quote on tablets and smartphones.

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Today’s customers ask the sellers business simplicity and accurate answers to their needs. Sales consultants must know how to listen and lead the customer through the purchasing process, always advising the best solution.

With Apparound, it is possible to sell more effectively, by shortening the distances between the seller and customer. In the Services industry, more than in any other, the success in a negotiation is determined by the possibility to differentiate yourself from competitors with innovative solutions, by the ability to highlight the value of your offer and to suggest the customer a convincing solution to its problems.

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Plants and production processes in the manufacturing sector have seen an increase in productivity thanks to the advent of the Industry 4.0. However, the digital transformation of sales is still at the beginning: negotiations are long and orders approval processes are often still too complex and slow.

With Apparound, it is possible to simplify and speed up the entire sales process. Sellers can create a quote and discuss the available options with the customers in real time. Thanks to our product, you can accurately configure a complex quote and avoid errors, processing costs, and the slowing down of the process.

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Food & Beverage

For the B2B companies in the Food & Beverage industry, the competition is becoming much more intense. Digital innovation supports a market where customers’ habits, tastes and priorities are constantly evolving. Digital solutions help companies to manage sales over a heterogeneous and widely distributed customer base.

Apparound simplifies the sales process. Sellers always have at their fingertips detailed and up-to-date information on products: prices, ingredients, nutritional values and related products are now easily available, which allows sellers to improve their relationship with the customers. They can better understand the customer’s needs and create a quote in real time by checking prices, quantities or applying discounts.

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Many retail companies are redesigning their business model by embracing an omnichannel approach; physical stores allow you to touch and appreciate the products while digital channels provide ideas, comparison opportunities, inspiration and convenience.

With Apparound, it is possible for retailers to put the customer at the center of the decision-making process and provide a shopping experience that meets their expectations. In this way, you can retain the customer over time and get them back to make recurring purchases.

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