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Glossario Apparound

This section contains a collection of terms related to the digitization of sales processes, the latest innovations in technology and marketing, each accompanied by an explanation of the meaning or other observations.


Apparound was founded to improve salespeople's productivity and ensure that the most valuable time they have-the time they spend with customers-is as rewarding as possible.   

Salespeople are happiest and most productive when they work directly with customers, helping them solve their problems. But too often a salesperson's time is spent on activities that do not produce revenue, such as data entry, creating quotes, correcting errors, researching information and attending product training meetings.   

Apparound's mission is to make the time salespeople spend with customers as rewarding as possible through a software that can manage the entire sales flow, from sharing sales and marketing content to creating quotes through the configure-price-quote system, from signing the contract to monitoring sales pipelines . All in one app. 

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