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Apparound comes with 7 different modules to solve all your productivity issues



Apparound helps sellers from the 1st meeting to closing the sale. Apparound’s product is built to help a seller in each step. It can be used on either a tablet or smartphone, and it is built to be customer facing.

Intelligent Quoting

Combines customer facing content and real time quoting together.
You can provide your teams with digital content, including brochures, product specifications, presentations, videos and product catalogues. You can create and publish them directly in the app.

Available in: Essential Professional Elite

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Solution Advisor

Step by step guidance of sales right through to the offer.
The Solution Advisor is a needs-based guided selling (for both the seller and customer). Customer journeys can be configured with specific business needs questions and relevant content. It recommends products based on customer needs.

Available in: Elite

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Contract Generator

Generate a contract from the offer. Contract fields are automatically filled in with the customer information collected with the customer during the quoting process. All the offer details and product specifications are summarised in the final document. Additional data and specific attachments, such as terms of business, can be attach to any contract.

Available in: Professional Elite

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Electronic Signature

Increase the speed of deal closure by using electronic signature.
You can collect electronic signatures from customers to accept the contracts. Choose among 3 signature options: simple sign, one step advanced sign, two step advanced sign.

Available in: Professional Elite

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Sales Tracker

Dynamic dashboard for sellers to track quotes and customers.
Every sales action is tracked, time stamped and used to create dynamic status views of customers and deals. Automatically the app tracks all quotes and auto expires based on time elapsed from the last action.

Available in: Essential Professional Elite

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Knowledge Manager

Manage customer campaigns and sales enablement.
Data can be collected from customers, staff and partners in a structured and standard way from any device. The data is time-stamped and saved, which makes it easy to query at any time. Data is automatically managed, so no need for time consuming data quality and age checking.

Available in: Elite

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Web Client

Use Apparound in the office.
You can access all of Apparound’s capability from any standard computer browser, including content and quoting. The latest versions of all major browsers are supported: Explorer, Edge, Chrome, Mozilla, Safari.

Available as an add-on in: Essential Professional Elite

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