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Glossario Apparound

This section contains a collection of terms related to the digitization of sales processes, the latest innovations in technology and marketing, each accompanied by an explanation of the meaning or other observations.

Document Composition

Document management within a Configure Price Quote (CPQ) technology pertains to the ability to create and automatically generate personalized documents such as proposals, quotes, contracts, and purchase orders based on customer specifications and offer conditions. 

Document composition

CPQ technology is designed to streamline the sales process by guiding customers through a personalized and intuitive purchasing experience. The document composition feature enhances the efficiency and accuracy of the sales process by eliminating typographical errors and inconsistencies between sales information and contractual terms. 

Document composition within a CPQ technology typically involves the use of predefined document templates and a library of preloaded text blocks and images. These elements can be selected, customized, and dynamically configured based on customer specifications. As a result, sales representatives can efficiently and promptly create professional, accurate, and personalized documents. This not only reduces production times but also enhances customer satisfaction. 

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