Simplify the configuration of electricity and gas offers and improve the efficiency of your sales force!
The competitive pressure and the complexity of the Utility offers led Sorgenia choosing our all-in-one solution for sales agents to maximise their performances, processing customised offers quickly.

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Increase Efficiency

Thanks to the CRM integration, data control, CTE constantly updated and POD and PDR acquisition automatisms, sales agents can exclusively be focused on the customer.

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Digitise the technical and economic conditions to be attached to contracts, reduced the back office work dedicated to update and distribute documents to the sales network from 2.5 to 0.5 man days.


Contract activation

The sales agent is more effective in negotiations and can involve more the customer in the sales process. The time to activate a contract has been reduced from 3 weeks to just one week.

The Challenge.

Sorgenia’s challenge was to simplify the sales processes of the business segment, providing its consultants with digital tools in order to: beat the competition, stipulate valid and error-free contracts and aim for maximum customer satisfaction.

The Solution.

With Apparound, the sales agents can dynamically generate the contract that will be based on the offer configured in real time with the customer, with the opportunity of closing the sale immediately thanks to the electronic signature. With our solution it is possible to automate and accelerate the insertion and the processing of contracts and of the supply points, shortening the time of the order processing to have faster activations.

The partnership with Apparound represents a further important part of our full digital strategy. The app supports our sales consultants and enhances their professionalism because it allows them to show to the customers the best solution in real time to always make the right choice.
Simone Lo Nostro, Market & ICT Director @Sorgenia


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