Introducing Apparound Release 2023.3: enhance your sales performance with new features



We are excited to introduce Apparound Release 2023.3, packed with innovations and capabilities that will make your sales experience even more effective and efficient. In this article, we will go in-depth into the main new features of this release and explain how they can improve your offer and customer management.


Improved Web Client Performance
We have spent a lot of attention on improving the performance of our CPQ, reducing operation time by 60%. You will then be able to work faster and more efficiently, saving valuable time.
Response E-mail Configuration
One of the new features is related to the configuration of the response e-mail. Now, when you receive an email communication from a customer through Apparound, you will be able to reply directly to the agent who prepared the offer. This improvement simplifies communication and ensures more efficient handling of customer inquiries.
Mail attachments in DOCX
With Release 2023.3, it is possible to generate offer documents in DOCX format and send them to customers as email attachments. It will also be possible to customize the document and allow the customer to interact to add important details and information.
Notes to the Quote
We have improved the management of notes to the quote by adding the ability to enter and edit them in step3 as well so that they can be included in the quote document.
Mail in CC
It is now possible to add email addresses in CC when sending an offer, ensuring that a copy of the email containing the business proposal is also sent to other recipients. This makes sharing information with the team even more efficient.
Improvement opportunities
With this release, it will be possible to create new opportunities directly from step 1. After selecting a customer, each agent will be able to create and select an opportunity to start the bidding process. This opportunity will be made available in the area designated for data tracking and can be easily managed as the deal evolves.
Management of Customer CRUD Entities
Improving the agent experience is a priority for Apparound. For this reason, starting with version 2023.3, it will be possible to access the complete list of all information related to the customer directly in his detail card present in the sales tracker. A real mirror with the list of all related entities. In this way it will be possible to create, edit, view and delete all the information linked to a master data.
Product Code Display
Now administrators can choose whether they want the product code to be visible in the configurator. This helps vendors locate products more accurately during bid configuration.
UX Improvements
Apparound continues to invest in UI development to ensure an even smoother and more complete experience.


Apparound Release 2023.3 represents a significant step forward to help marketers be even more productive. Stay tuned for further updates and, in the meantime, take full advantage of all the new features offered. 

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We are thrilled to introduce the Apparound Release 2024.1, an evolution of the platform bringing enhancements and features designed to optimize user experience and improve operational efficiency.

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