How to face change in the utilities sector? Directions for use!



The utilities sector is facing a transitional period that is characterized by the evolution of prices and that is having a serious impact on families and companies and causing instability. Government interventions aimed at lowering the prices have been proven inadequate. It is a matter of managing a sector that is strongly inconsistent due to events that are constantly changing the global scenario, like for example the Covid-19 pandemic and the war between Russia and Ukraine. 

Digitalization will represent the prime enabler that will allow companies to face future challenges from a sustainability viewpoint. Thanks to this element, it will be possible to manage internal workflows, optimize monitoring activities and ensure better efficiency for the end user. 

Advanced tools, such as analytics and big data, will play a fundamental role in dealing with customers. They will represent an innovation keyword for part of the operational process. It will be essential, however, to develop digital and technological competences in a sector that is typically very slow and reluctant when it comes to implementing new solutions. Market approach will be very important as well, and it will be increasingly customer-oriented in order to direct digitalization interventions for sales organization in a customer-centric way. 

It will be an occasion for repositioning business on the basis of new values. Young talents will have the possibility of grasping change as a one-of-a-kind opportunity for becoming part of the economic and social innovation of the country. 

Summarizing, the main event of Utility Day will offer to all its participants a focus on the rearrangement of the energy market and new business priorities, with panels dedicated to renewable sources, energy transitions and other important themes, such as: 

  1. Customer Strategy, for focusing on new customer needs and better attention to offer customization. 
  2. The management of a Data Strategy for collecting analytics by means of sharing success stories, weaknesses and other data collected during the creation of Artificial Intelligence processes. 
  3. Sustainability as the basis for the new energy evolution. 
  4. The development of market players and the transition into the free market. 
  5. Prospects for exiting prices increase dynamics. 
  6. New opportunities thanks to the PNRR. 


See you on November 24th, at booth 16, for the 7th edition of Utility Day! 

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