Apparound - Sorgenia: together at Utility Day 2023



Utility Day 2023 represents a key moment for players in the energy sector. It is an event that offers Apparound the opportunity to present its latest product innovations, ongoing activities and initiatives aimed at consolidating its leadership in the utility market.

In recent years, two events - the Covid-19 emergency and the steep rise in commodity prices - have reshaped the industry landscape, highlighting new needs and reinforcing the need for a digital transformation process. Such transformation requires solutions that can anticipate market trends and better meet customer needs. In this context, some companies have been particularly attentive to change and innovation, such as Sorgenia.


Sorgenia success case

Italy's first greentech energy company, with more than 500,000 customers spread throughout the country, Sorgenia makes innovation and sustainability the pillars of its credo. The elements that are useful in realizing its challenging development plans, both in low-energy environmental production and in offering new solutions for households and businesses. Sorgenia offers its customers fully digital solutions, personalizing the energy experience.

Since 2018, the company has been working with Apparound to digitize business processes for the entire sales network. The goal was to expand its business through process simplification and automation of quotes and contracts. Starting with commodities, Sorgenia launched a digital transformation plan capable of managing and supporting first and foremost the SME market, also influencing the MassMarket and residential sectors, later extended to the teleselling channel.

The Apparound solution, wholly based on cloud, has made it possible to zero out the use of paper, thus helping to reduce environmental impact and CO2 emissions. Moreover, with the ability to access data and information from any device and in real time, it allows salespeople to focus exclusively on their core business: selling!

The collaboration with Apparound has continued over the years. In 2022, Sorgenia expanded its operations to the fiber optic and photovoltaic markets. These business strategies aim to preserve the environment, increase return on investment, and offer significant savings to customers on their energy bills.



The introduction of Apparound has led to significant improvements in Sorgenia's business performance. In detail:

Thousands of users
Sorgenia's entire sales force uses the Apparound solution to acquire new orders.

Increased efficiency
The integration of Apparound with CRM has enabled consultants to have full control of data, with CTEs (Technical Economic Conditions) always updated and distributed, in real-time, to the sales force.

Cutting contract activation time
Reduced waiting times and increased customer involvement during the purchasing process have greatly simplified the work of consultants, leading to a significant decrease in contract activation time.

Sharp reduction in CTE update time
The digitization of processes has made it possible to optimize the entire data supply chain. As a result, it was possible to reduce from 2.5 to 0.5 man-days the backoffice work dedicated to content update and distribution activities for the sales force.


A view to the future

Looking to the future, Gianluca Cagiano, CEO & Founder of Apparound, said, "A five-year partnership is an important milestone. Sorgenia is an integral part of Apparound's history in the utility market. The common vision, always focused on innovation and results-oriented, personifies the spirit that has guided us for years."

Sorgenia will continue to use innovative technologies to improve the customer shopping experience by offering personalized responses, including through artificial intelligence. These technologies will enable companies to increase sales force productivity, optimizing the time and quality of agents' work.

In conclusion, the partnership between Apparound and Sorgenia at Utility Day 2023 is an example of success in the industry, demonstrating how innovation and process digitization can lead to significant improvements in business performance, serving customers and the environment.

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