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New trends and positive technological confirmations. What did Utility Day 2022 leave us with?

Even on the eve of the event and, at Apparound, we had already sensed the importance of having to be present at the 2022 edition of the most important event in Italy for the Gas & Power industry. Never has the Assago Congress Centre been as full of visitors as it was this year. An event that saw a busy schedule of meetings, debates, and outstanding speeches, which allowed us to consolidate relationships with our partners and start working on new proposals.

The primary objective? To provide an overview of how the Gas & Power market is evolving, with an increasingly urgent need to accelerate the process of technological innovation and provide companies with useful tools to tackle new scenarios. The current historical moment makes even more relevant the necessity to meet in person and share concrete experiences, updates on the latest trends in the Italian energy sector and, at the same time, meet potential technological partners able to support companies and help them overcome the complexities of the moment.

But what were the trending topics of the event? Let’s analyze them together.


The importance of renewable sources in the context of energy transformation

In a scenario of energy transition, the role of multiculturality economy becomes increasingly important to meet the needs of a customer in a post-pandemic context characterized by the presence of significant war conflict. Indeed, the main advantage of renewable sources lies in their ability to provide the energy that businesses and enterprises need, without compromising the environment. Therefore, many businesses have already started taking advantage of this opportunity.

However, according to an accurate estimate by the Institute for Environmental Protection and Research, greenhouse gas emissions from the use of fuels for energy production are not being mitigated. Also, given the increasing concentrations of air pollutants, renewable energy production initiatives have become increasingly necessary.


The role of technology in the development of the Utility market

Among the most important priorities in the utility market is the need to support companies in following a technology development path, to revise business models considering the current market situation. Companies cannot wait any longer: the time has come to make investments, both in data collection and in the digitization of sales processes, to offer customer-centric solutions that can support users and offer them customized offers tailored to their needs.


Technology and Utilities: A Personalized Approach to Supporting Customer Strategy.

Shaping the Customer Journey and delivering a multichannel experience that can improve end-to-end management effects thanks to digital technologies. But that’s not all: today’s customers are increasingly technologically advanced, preferring to solve their problems through new digital channels, such as apps and web applications, which can simplify and speed up procedures, improve customer perception and respond more proactively to customer needs.

This is precisely where Apparound‘s sales process digitization solution comes in, which can support salespeople in the creation of personalized proposals that can be created together with customers, offering them the opportunity to choose related services, tailor the offer to their needs and conclude negotiations through legally compliant electronic signature services.

But what are the benefits a digital transformation process can bring to companies?

  1. A more dynamic and personalized customer journey, with integrated, omnichannel solutions that bring the digital experience to all channels, from web to physical touchpoints.
  2. Digitization of the acquisition, onboarding, and customer care phases, to reposition contact centres as strategic partners of enterprises and obtain more relevant and detailed customer information.
  3. Interoperability of communication channels.
  4. Adopt a data strategy to obtain useful information in real time and develop a culture of innovation in relation to new business intelligence models and democratization of data.
  5. The role of the Cloud in Business Continuity, to provide companies with open, flexible, and highly scalable facilities that can best manage business data, in complete security.


The opportunities for growth are clear, and the tools are within reach.

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