2023.2: Updates to the Apparound Solution



Welcome to Apparound version 2023.2! We are delighted to present a range of new features and improvements that will make the user experience even more efficient and satisfying. In this article, we will explore in detail the novelties that will be introduced with version 2023.2 and how they will enhance the process of product and offer management.


Advanced Product Attribute Management
We have implemented an evolution in product attribute management that will provide a better user experience. It will be possible to search for products quickly and efficiently, even with complex catalogs. This functionality will support real-time customer needs, enabling quick and accurate product searches.

Subscription Management
You will now be able to view the list of customer assets directly from the detail tab in the sales tracker. Check subscriptions and modify active ones to change details, renew, or cancel the asset for the customer.

Enhanced Approval Workflow
To ensure error-free contracts, we have enhanced the approval workflow for configured products. With this new feature, it will be possible to ensure that each configured product is carefully reviewed and approved before presenting it to the customer.

Redesigned Recent Offers
With the graphic and stylistic redesign of recent offers, users will be able to quickly find a previously created quote. This will reduce response times to customers and enable quick and efficient upselling or revamping activities.

Partial Offer and Contract Saving
We have introduced the functionality of partial offer saving, which will allow to reduce completion and response time to the customer. Now, it is possible to save changes made during offer creation and resume work – at a later time – from where it was left off.

Enhanced Electronic Signature Feature
The electronic signature feature has been improved to ensure better system reliability and usability.

Improvements related to user base management
We hve included a useful feature to massively export and import groups, roles and user profiles, directly from the Admin Portal.

User Search Error Reporting
We have introduced a feature for reporting errors during the user search phase. In case of errors or inconsistencies during the product search phase, it will be possible to immediately report them to the support team. This will allow us to improve data quality and provide you with an even more precise search experience.

Evolving Technical Maintenance
We have dedicated significant resources to the technical evolution of the platform. The work has allowed us to ensure a smooth and uninterrupted experience, improving system performance and stability.


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We are excited to introduce Apparound Release 2023.3, packed with innovations and capabilities that will make your sales experience even more effective and efficient. In this article, we will go in-depth into the main new features of this release and explain how they can improve your offer and customer management.

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