Apparound launches its version 2021.4

Apparound launches its version 2021.4

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On December 10, 2021, Apparound released it’s last version of the year – version 2021.4.

Our development teams have worked constantly to offer an increasingly high performing solution and a better user-experience.

Here’s what’s new in this version.

Discount Types

We have improved and implemented discount features.


  • Mixed discounts: allows you to apply discounts on both recurring and one-off amounts.
  • Dependence between discounts: this feature allows you to configure the correlation between multiple discounts in the Admin Portal, making it possible to activate a discount when another discount is already active. For example, you can set discount Y to be activated only if you have previously selected discount X.
  • Logical Operators: Logical evaluation criteria are now supported among products that trigger a discount.
  • Visibility of Discounts: this implementation allows you to select the visibility of a discount applied to the products directly from the Admin Portal.

Counters dashboard

We have improved and evolved the dashboard dedicated to the offers issued, contracts generated, and the remote signature practices used, also including the history of the packages purchased and their use. It will be possible to set specific time periods in order to keep track of the activities carried out by the sales force.

User Experience Improvements


We’ve made improvements to the menu interface by making it easier to see notifications and internal sections of the app. The interface of the pdf reader has also been improved in order to make the consultation and navigation of pdf documents more fluid.


Updates and adjustments have been made to our configurator (PowerCPQ) for a better and more performant user experience.

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©Apparound. All rights reserved. APPAROUND SPA e P.I. 13147681004