The potential of Apparound at the service of Sorgenia



Apparound’s goal is to provide companies with a tool that can increase customer engagement and sales reps’ productivity by leveraging easy-to-use technology that is designed exclusively to optimize time-to-market.

Features that led Sorgenia, after careful benchmarking, to choose Apparound as a provider of solutions capable of automating sales processes and increasing sales performances.


About Sorgenia

Sorgenia Spa, Italy’s first greentech energy company, has more than 500,000 customers throughout the country.

Innovation, sharing and sustainability are the key words that guide its work to realize challenging development plans, both in the production with low environmental energy impact and in offering new solutions for families and businesses.

Sorgenia, leveraging the best available technologies for all its activities, offers customers fully digital solutions to make the experience with energy a more personalized and shareable one, also enabling the adoption and integration of new services with environmentally sustainable features.


The initial needs of the client

Sorgenia aimed to increase its business by using a supplier capable of simplifying sales processes with B2B segment. A solution able of increasing win-rate through automation of quote and contract generation processes, thus accelerating order management.

Additional objectives that were deemed relevant by the client:

  • enable consultants to focus on sales activities, reducing the time spent on back-office activities
  • proactively manage negotiations
  • simplify procedures related to the entire sales cycle
  • eliminate errors due to manual entry of information into quotes and contracts
  • increase the company’s green-tech approach.


The solution proposed by Apparound

From the outset, the solution proposed by Apparound highlighted a particularly valuable element: the seamless integration of the app with the software in use by Sorgenia, enabling to optimize processes through automated transmission of information.

Apparound began this journey by starting with the Microsoft Azure platform; it then developed a configurator designed specifically to meet Sorgenia’s needs to optimize interactions between vendors and customers.

Indeed, Azure’s cutting-edge technology guarantees excellent UX for both customers and vendors, ensuring rapid development based on the principles of security and scalability.

Integration was completed through the use of a UWP client to make available a Power BI-generated reporting service.

The application on the field

Sorgenia’s sales force, after performing an energy diagnosis, can take advantage of Apparound’s features to create a quote that is truly tailored to the customer’s needs, offering different types of photovoltaic systems and related services for both businesses and individuals.

In addition, the app makes it possible to build the best offer based on the customer’s specific requirements, generating the relevant contract in real time, in an automated and error-free manner.

The FEA electronic signature module makes it possible to conclude the contract at the end of the meeting between salesperson and customer, with a signature that can be acquired directly on the device on which the app is installed (tablet, notebook or smartphone).


The results achieved

The solution made it possible to automate and speed up the entry and processing of contracts. Order management time has been shortened, significantly reducing the use of paper documents, so as to meet the needs of the client also in terms of a green approach.

Increased efficiency: +40%
There has been increased efficiency due to Apparound’s integration capabilities with the CRM in use, arriving at full control of data in addition to Technical-Economic Conditions (CTE) that is always up-to-date. Thanks to POD and PDR acquisition automatisms, features that allowed consultants to focus exclusively on prospects and clients.

Technical-Economic Conditions (CTE) update time: -80%
The digitization of processes has made it possible to optimize the entire data management, especially the contract generation process. This made it possible to reduce from 2.5 to 0.5 man-days the backoffice work dedicated to the activities of updating and distributing documents to the sales network.

Contract activation: -2 weeks
The increased involvement of potential customers in the purchasing process simplified the work of Sorgenia’s consultants. The app made it possible to achieve another important result: the average time to activate a contract was reduced to just one week.



Sorgenia has met the challenge of improving the sales experience through streamlined processes, thanks to digital tools that enable valid and error-free contracts. The collaboration with Apparound has resulted in greater satisfaction from end customers who can take advantage of products and services in line with their needs.

In the digital era, efficiency has become a key component for the success of any business. Companies often face challenges in managing processes. This is where the strategic partnership between Apparound and Net Project comes in.

We are thrilled to introduce the Apparound Release 2024.1, an evolution of the platform bringing enhancements and features designed to optimize user experience and improve operational efficiency.

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