New version of Apparound, 2022.1



The new year starts with improvements at Apparound. In fact, on March 19, version 2022.1 of our solution will be released, full of new features and updates to meet market needs and customer requirements.

Our development teams have been working hard to deliver an even better performing and customer-centric solution. Let’s take a look at what’s new in this version.

Guided CPQ Interface
We’ve made changes to the design of our visual configurator, making it easier and more intuitive to create offers.

Integrations Dashboard
In version 2022.1 of Apparound, it will be much easier to oversee integrations between Apparound and other business software, for better customer support and a significant reduction in system oversight costs.

Order tracking
The order tracking functionality will allow to monitor the progress of an order, receiving events from external systems. A seller, therefore, will be able to respond autonomously to the progress of an activation, looking at the order detail to which the offer is associated. A significant change, with a focus on the customer and greater attention and proactivity from the salesperson.

Improved discounts
With the latest version of Apparound we have improved and implemented the coverage of the discount functionality. You will be able to decide to apply a promotion to all products in an offer or only to those that meet the conditions in a cart.

Integration with Microsoft PowerBI
With the latest implementations it will be possible to publish reports from Microsoft PowerBI within Apparound. The new system will also allow access to reports with information in line with the user’s role (Sales Director, Area Manager, Salesman, etc.).

Remote Signature
To meet the needs of an increasingly digital-oriented market and to facilitate the contract signing process, we have extended the electronic signature modalities.

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Utility Day 2023 represents a key moment for players in the energy sector. It is an event that offers Apparound the opportunity to present its latest product innovations, ongoing activities and initiatives aimed at consolidating its leadership in the utility market.

The concept of business partnership has constantly evolved during the years and gained various and different new meanings.

We are excited to introduce Apparound Release 2023.3, packed with innovations and capabilities that will make your sales experience even more effective and efficient. In this article, we will go in-depth into the main new features of this release and explain how they can improve your offer and customer management.

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