What's New in Apparound Release 2023.4



We are excited to bring you version 2023.4 of Apparound! In this release, we have introduced a number of enhancements and features designed to optimize your experience and make day-to-day operations even more efficient. Let's find out together what's new!


1. New Export Analytics 
We have redesigned the Export Analytics section inside the Admin Portal, offering a more intuitive interface and advanced filters. It will be possible to manage the export of quotes in the background over larger periods, improving flexibility in data management. 

2. Discount Page Redesign 
The dedicated discounts page in Admin Portal has been enhanced for easier reference. It is now possible to search and sort discounts quickly even with high numerics, improving efficiency in bid management. 

3. Agencies management tool 
With the introduction the functionality, we offer a dedicated control tool for managing the indirect sales network. Agency owners will be able to create and edit agents/users, for better and improved control over their sales force. The feature will be visible only to agency owners, activable on demand and configurable on via Admin Portal. 

4. Push Notifications via API 
New Push notifications take communication and engagement to the next level. Whether for individual users or groups, you will be able to use them to invite the sales force to explore new content, specific configurators, key documents or detailed reports. Also available via API integration. 

5. Status Page 
Welcome Status Page! Now our customers/partners will be able to monitor the status of our services at any time. A significant upgrade to demonstrate our commitment to transparency, Inside the above page it will be possible to view historical data, system performance, messages and alerts in case of service interruption, as well as scheduling of routine and extraordinary maintenance work. 

6. Digital Sales Room 
Previously known as "Interactive Tool", this functionality will have a new name for better User Experience for the sales reps, who are working collaboratively on the offer together with the customer. 

7. GuidedCPQ Improvements 
With the 2023.4 release, the product search interface in GuidedCPQ will allow the cart to be viewed and edited at the same time as using the search function. This will allow users to create bids more quickly and effectively. 

8. CPQ Import/Export 
Significant improvements for CPQ Import/Export. Now faster and more efficient, it eliminates errors resulting from manual operations. A new "CPQ Duplication" feature has been added, allowing configurators to be replicated in the same platform in just a few steps. 

9. Business Intelligence Features Improvements 
We have enhanced the data model and features related to Business Intelligence to provide better data analysis and visualization capabilities. 

10. Evolutionary Technical Maintenance and UX 
The new version of Apparound brings improvements to the user experience, making it smoother and more seamless. An ongoing effort to provide the best user experience possible. 

We look forward to you experiencing these new features and improvements. Keep following us to stay up to date on all the news about the Apparound world! 

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