Apparound launches its version 2022.2

Apparound launches its version 2022.2

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Apparound never stops! The latest version has been released on July 2nd, with brand new features and improvement actions.


Here’s what’s new in this version:

Better performance and User Experience
With the latest update, we further improved Apparound’s overall performance in order to ensure better stability and offer a more complete and effective User Experience. This update also assures perfect compatibility with mobile Operating Systems.

CRM/ERP integration for better research on customer’s data
Apparound reaches new levels of flexibility and becomes easily integrable with external systems, allowing for a better search experience on a seller’s customer data on the CRM or company ERP.

Contract generation through external systems
With this update, integration with external document composition systems is now easier and allows to generate contractual documents.

Dynamic and pre-filled contracts
With the new 2022.2 Apparound version it is easier to manage contractual data through external systems such as CRM or ERP, with the possibility of mistake-free data recovering from these systems. A truly advanced feature.

Multichannel communication
It is now possible to manage and set-up different communication channels for easier communication with customers.

In-app support functionalities
From now on it will be possible to ask for information and support directly from the app. In order to activate this feature and its relative first-level support you will first need to contact your Apparound representative.


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©Apparound. All rights reserved. APPAROUND SPA e P.I. 13147681004
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