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Retail customers are fast moving to buying online. Many smaller retailers are finding it harder to compete with large retail chains. Large Retail chains are being challenged by fast expanding multi-country online marketplaces. With Retail being a traditional bricks and mortar business, how will it be possible to succeed in the future?

Simple purchases are moving online quickly because they are the simplicist to buy and little advice is required. However, more complex purchases where consumers want to touch and feel the products are not as easy to buy online. While consumers are likely to research online, good old fashion advice will still be sought, and retailers are best placed to provide this support. Sales productivity has always been a high priority for retailers. To succeed in the future retailers will need to get to know their customers in much more depth so that repeat sales become more common.

There are many key questions that Retail companies need to answer:

  • What products can I sell online and what products need assisted sales?
  • What do I need to move to digital?
  • How can I have a consistent online and retail experience for my customers?
  • Do I need as many retail shops or do I need more?
  • How do I effectively compete with large multi-country online marketplaces?
  • How can I manage pricing in a much more dynamic way?
  • How do I maintain profitability?


What we do

We can help, by taking care of sales productivity and digitising sales. We’ve helped several Retail companies change the way they sell, be able to offer more advice, dynamically change pricing and improve sales. Our product makes selling easy by having an all in one app that has everything that a Retail Industry seller needs. Whether the seller is new or experienced, our app is designed to provide the right content, tools to gather customer information, guided selling, price changes, collaborative quotes with customers and electronic signature.


Apparound is an amazing product that has changed the way we sell.

Customer Experience Director – Retail industry


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