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Manufacturing Industry

The Industry Plan 4.0 has enabled manufacturing companies to innovate supply chain processes and to be more competitive in the market thanks to technologies that can control performance and improve efficiency. However, the digitization of sales processes is still at the beginning: the amount of paper catalogues that each vendor must carry does not allow them to operate efficiently and the risk of making mistakes due to lack or non-updating of sales material results in poor productivity and missed opportunities.

Thanks to a “made in Italy” sales force automation app, Apparound has transformed the way of selling and helped sellers to sell more, more quickly.

With Apparound, salespeople can say goodbye to printed paper such as brochures, price lists, flyers and always have up-to-date digital material at their disposal. Call customers in the integrated management system to propose additional and related products. Directly involve the customer in designing the offer that best meets his needs, easily unraveling the technical data sheets, product ranges included and conclude negotiations with the electronic signature in real time. This ease of use guarantees rapid adoption by the sellers so as to always offer the best technology available and improve the customer’s shopping experience.

Benefits for the utility companies 

Sell more: sellers can finally focus on sales activities, be more effective and proactively manage negotiations, reducing waste of time in back-office activities. The result is an increase of the number of sellers reaching their sales targets.

Easy configuration of complex offers: some types of products, typical of the manufacturing industry, require a specific configuration. Compatibility problems between the elements that make up the final product are eliminated. The creation of a complex offer will be guided, step by step, with no margin for error. You no longer need to rely on your own memory and product or back office communications to make sure you meet your specific needs.

Being more competitive: customers are used to comparing prices and products before making a purchase. Offering the best purchasing experience, enhancing the values of the product, the peculiarities of the food preparations, the traceability that guarantees the origin of the product and the quality of the raw materials, increases the customer’s propensity to conclude the negotiation and ensures a rate of highest loyalty.

Increase the profit margin on each transaction: for low-margin products, it is essential to offer value-added services (VAS) and accessory products with higher profitability. The application suggests in real time related products, bundles or additional services compatible with the chosen product. The seller can therefore carry out Cross and Up Selling in complete peace of mind without the risk of having his order cancelled due to the incompatibility between some selections made.

Make quick start for new sellers: thanks to guided sales paths with the setting of rules, prices and discounts, all sellers will be able to present contents and build a quote, even complex, without requiring months of training and coaching.

Better shopping experience: transforming sales people into real consultants capable of actively involving the customer, building a quote collaboratively with him and guiding him in choosing the solution that best suits his needs.


Improve seller performance, automate quote and contract generation, speed up order management and result tracking

Show your content

Show your content to your customers, including brochures, product specifications, presentations, videos and product catalogues. You can update content in minutes.

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configure your quote manufacturing industry

Build a quote

Use real time quoting to build a quote with multi-products, optional product add ons, bundling, discounting and promotions. Quotes can be sent via email to customers.


Firma il contratto con Apparound

Close the deal

You can generate contracts and collect electronic signatures from customers to quickly close deals. Specific attachments, such as terms of business, can be attached to any contract.

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Sales Tracker

Track sales activities

Every sales action is tracked, time stamped and used to create dynamic status views of quotes, contracts and customers. Automatically the app tracks activities and auto expires based on time elapsed from the last action.

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