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The foundation of the modern world is based on Manufacturing. From the industrial age to now, the internet age, Manufacturing has been the cornerstone of increasing prosperity. There have been huge advances in Manufacturing operational efficiency through methods such as LEAN, to offshoring to automation. While the internet has opened many new markets, it has also meant that buyers have many more choices.

Buyers and influencers are becoming more independent and demanding, whether they are consumers, businesses or governments. Higher customer expectations mean that focus on operational efficiency alone is not sufficient. There needs to be much greater focus on sales and having the right business conversations. Each phase of the life cycle from pre-purchase through to delivery is now more complex.

There are many key questions that Manufacturing companies need to answer:

  • What products are now in demand and when should I retire old products?
  • How do I track and trace all products made?
  • How does digitisation impact my business?
  • How do I maintain profitability?
  • How do I connect my sales team with my service teams properly?
  • Who do I now need to communicate with to attract new customers?


What we do

We can help, by taking care of sales productivity and digitising sales. We’ve helped several Manufacturing companies to better understand customer demand, connect their sales and service operations, and improve sales. Our product makes selling easy by having an all in one app that has everything that a Manufacturing seller needs. Whether the seller is new or experienced our app is designed to support the first conversation, quotes, contracts through to regular service visits.


With Apparound we can manage all sales and service interactions with one consistent approach.

Chief Operating Officer – Manufacturing industry


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