The relationship with its customers
 at the center of the negotiations. Also in digital.
Despite the historical period, the business has not stopped. Solarplay consultants contact potential customers through videoconferencing systems and they analyse their consumption habits. They can then cut out a customised solution, that allows them, with the right photovoltaic system, to obtain the maximum energy efficiency and amortise the cost of the initial investment.

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Based on the collected results, the company plans to amortise the investment in a short time and then start the integration with existing systems.

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no paper waste

Flyers, brochures, data sheets and contracts are no longer printed and always updated.

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Virtual Routes

Sale agents, remotely working, can reach potential customers from all over Italy, without wasting even a minute of travel time.

The Challenge.

Solarplay, a company specialised in renewable energy, has chosen Apparound to satisfy the needs to improve sales processes. The aim was to increase the professionalism of the commercial network with totally digital tools; decrease the time to issue the offers; increase the commercial network, through a tool that allows a simple and rapid onboarding; ensure continuous training in a constantly evolving technological market and finally collect real-time and authentic business data for market analysis.

The Solution.

The Apparound solution allowed solarplay sales agents to optimise the sales processes, making an efficient and professional relationship with the customer, from the first call to the contract signature. Today sales consultants can virtually travel tens of thousands of kilometers in a single day, visit more customers and build more sales offers quickly, in order to increase opportunities.
The choice of Apparound not only optimise the sales processes but also reduce the waste of paper. For a company like ours, which deals with energy efficiency, it represents a coherent ethical choice thet is also strategic.
Manuele Solazzo, General Manager @solarplay


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